Yet Another Obama Incompetent

Where does the Obama administration come up with its' merry band of incompetents.

In the first place, a person on the terror watch list gets placed on the no-fly list based on information given by his OWN father. Somehow, he is still able to board the plane because the Dept. of Homeland Security and the State Dept. can't get their heads out of their own asses for two minutes to do their jobs updating new information.

Secondly, these retards then have the gall to tell us afterwards that the system worked. Which I guess means that flyers are responsible for defusing terror incidents on board for themselves.

Then, we are told that it's Bush's fault since his systems are still in place. It's funny how as bad as Bush is portrayed to be, we were safe for eight years. If the Dems thought Bush's systems were so bad, is there any particular reason that a year wasn't enough time to replace them? Or is it that the folks in place haven't a clue as to what they are doing?

I choose the latter.

Janet Napolitano says "Derrrrrrrrr!!!"

Honestly, if you are a Democrat who voted for Obama, and you are still riding this train wreck of an administration, you get what you deserve.

We now have a terrorist who knows of others trained with him that has been given Miranda rights instead of being interrogated for possible knowledge of other plots thanks to Eric Holder and another band of retards giving out American rights' like M&Ms from a candy jar.

Now we have no idea if anything is coming next because our terrorist has "the right to remain silent". How convenient. That's an excellent call by the injustice department.

Admittedly, it seemed that Bush made some egregious errors in returning Gitmo Yemenis back home. And what is this administration still saying? It's Bush's fault (which is true), but we HAVE to close Gitmo and are sending the rest of the Yemenis home anyway.

Today, we find out that a post 9/11 system was in place to warn other planes pilots at the time while they were in the air. It wasn't followed either. So, theoretically, if we had another muliple plane plot, no other pilots were even warned.

These folks haven't a clue as to what they are doing. No fucking clue...


Christmas +1 Peeps!

Churkey hatched two eggs the day after Christmas in single digit weather. The peeps are doing fine and dandy with Mom keeping them warm in the garage.

Here is a picture of Blitzen and Vixen!

I don't normally allow Churkey to sit on eggs in the winter time, but she was pretty adamant and we lost two hens (Salt, a Barred Rock and Barbie, an Easter Egger) this fall. I figured we could use a couple of replacements.

I guess we'll wait to see if they will be egg layers or roasters!


Senate Passes ObamaCare

Merry Christmas to America from your wonderful politicians!

Probably the worst pile of crap legislation we will see in our lifetime.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama each dropped a steaming turd on us in the name of nationalizing healthcare.

25 million will still be uncovered at what we best a cost of countless trillions when all is said and done.

...and our Fed may be hiding the fact that no one wants to buy our debt anymore. Is it any wonder?

Bring on Cap and Tax, Porkulus II and god knows what other hundreds of billions in government spending. Did anybody notice how much liberal pork went into the defense bill passed last week? Nothing like transparency and an end to earmarks.

A bowel movement that we can believe in! Al Franken turned out to be the laxative the Dems needed to pass their stool.


Kitty's Trip to the Mellon Arena

My youngest daughter, Kitty, loves going to see the Penguins play. She loves it when the Pens win, but her favorite thing seems to be the fights.

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

We watched the Pens demolish the Senators 8-2 on the strength of a Evgeny Malkin hat trick and 2 goal performance by Billy Guerin.

The Pens gave out black Christmas stockings as a giveaway, but most of them found the ice after the hat trick.

We got plenty of practice singing the "WooHoo" song as the Pens scored 5 goals in the 2nd period right below us, to break a 1-1 tie.

do do do do do do do do do do do do....WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!


Are You Aware That You Are Being Violated At The Grocery Store?

I bet you didn't even have to bend over and grab your ankles at the checkout counter. Food companies and grocery stores have been tag teaming you behind your back...er, or more likely right in front of your face.

Take these two jars of Skippy peanut butter. They are to the naked eye, identical in size and shape.

What it's missing is the following:


You see, the difference between the two is a hidden hollowed out bottom cavity that is invisible unless you turn it over and have the old one to compare it to. Now, this Skippy change isn't a new one. It dates back a few years. But companies in droves are routinely changing portion sizes while keeping packaging sizes constant in a stealth attempt to raise prices. I mean, honestly, Skippy could have helped supermarkets save shelf space, but they chose instead to provide you with a free cereal bowl when you turn over the jar.

Last week, Tay made couscous. She had an old box and a new box she purchased recently. She came into the livingroom with both boxes to show me. The two boxes were absolutely identical. One had 12.25 oz and the second box had 6.5 oz...ALMOST A 50% REDUCTION AT THE SAME GREAT PRICE!

So, I've been paying attention now when I go to the store and the practice is widespread on almost all items.

The thing that kills me isn't the bump up in prices. It's how the industry has chosen to raise prices. I guess they really think that we are all THAT stupid. At least they should be honest and post the changes on the label.






The FACCC at the Christmas Parade

We've all been to our local Christmas parades. You know, the ones where local businesses, area high school bands, dancing schools, emergency departments (fire, police, ambulance) and town locals take their vehicles, floats and shoes to the streets to celebrate the holiday season.

Children gather on both sides of the streets as the parade participants throw candy for them to enjoy. My kids have enjoyed these types of parades since they were toddlers and I've always thought that they were a nice way to kick off the Christmas season.

Two weeks ago, my daughter, Loni, took to the streets as part of the parade in her high school's marching band's procession. We got there and took a place near the beginning of the parade route. The night was cold and crisp but it only added to the ambiance.

Then, enter the FACCC...

Four chubby sub 5 foot tall middle aged women (see picture above for size approximation) with 2 children between them were standing on the curb in front of us. I didn't think anything of it initially. They seemed to be typical middle class Americans and dressed modestly. Nothing about them would have suggested anything out of the norm.

Until the candy started flying, that is...

Usually when the candy gets thrown, the adults will remain on the curb and the children in the audience will move a few feet into the street to grab candy as it is thrown their way. Certainly, not a replacement for Halloween, but enough for the kids to enjoy for the night and maybe a day or two. The candy is usually low quality such as simple lollipops, jolly ranchers, tootsie rolls...you get the picture! Just pocket candy.

The four short rotund women burst into the street with plastic bags. They gather all the candy in sight as they more than meet their quota of bending over for the year. They take every piece of candy that hits the ground in a 12 foot space, even in front of their own children. I stand there shocked and amazed as my children can't even squeeze in to get more than one piece each. I don't think my youngest daughter, Kitty, even got a piece at all! Bebis got a piece because one of their husband's lightning hand picked up a piece right ahead of her. Bebis muttered under her breath and I think he felt embarrassed and offered it to her.

I stood by in awe and was shocked at what I was seeing. I was speechless. Usually, I'd say something but I actually became embarrassed for them as they piled the penny candy into plastic Walmart bags. My kids are twelve to sixteen years of age, so they really were only interested in a piece or two to enjoy during the parade. Given the festive setting, I decided against making a scene and looked on in horror and amusement as they performed their human vaccuum cleaner impression producing burgeoning bags of treats.

Then, when I didn't think it could get any worse, they started a conversation in which they were complaining about the people across the street getting more candy thrown their way. As they protested to the parade participants, my mind was yelling out...


Thankfully, the parade didn't last more than a half hour as I couldn't tear my eyes away from the disgusting scene. I don't think I've ever seen such an embarrassing display in my life.

As we drove home, I muttered under my breath...

"The Fat Assed Candy Collector's Club"

Tay knew exactly what I was talking about and chuckled. I let the girls in on the secret and they all gave their individual accounts of their impressions.

To this day, I am still embarrassed by what I saw and wonder if these women have any idea as to how they would come across to anyone around them? I would imagine that they do this every year...pathetic...

Merry Christmas?


Kitty's Snowman

My youngest daughter, Kitty, took advantage of our half an inch of snowfall to construct own first snowman of the year on our back deck. She made him so cute with raisins for eyes and a carrot nose!


Game Cam Shots: Pre Hunting Season!

Hunting season is slated to start tomorrow and these are the pictures that my game cam captured while I was in Long Island, NY for Thanksgiving! Hopefully, I can put one of these bad boys in my freezer on Monday!


Sarah Palin and The Keys: Part II

Sarah Palin had a book signing at the Sam's Club in Washington, PA today.

Tay left the house to get on line early. She was #630. There had to be several thousand people there for the book signing.

She called me later to tell me to join her on line and to bring some stuff she needed.

After I hung up, I look at Aussie at ask:

"Is it possible that your Mom took both sets of keys again today?"

"No, I think she put the keys back in the white Durango".

"Could you check?"

Aussie comes back in the house. They aren't in the vehicle. I give a quick look around. I sigh deeply and dial Tay's cell.




"Do you, by any chance, have both sets of keys again?"

"Oh my God....yes I do"

"Okay...see you in 10 minutes"

Aussie and I take the Big Red to Tay's Dad's to take his car to go to the book signing. Did I really expect today to be any different than yesterday?

We got both of our copies signed by Sarah.


Tay, The Keys and My Blood Pressure

If anyone doubts that living with "Peteys" can be trying, boy do I have a story for you. These are actual events from this weekend. No names were changed to protect the innocent because there weren't any innocent parties.

After a busy work week, I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing. I only had two Peteys this weekend (Tay and Aussie) and they were planning a trip to the mall to get Aussie a new cell phone. When I got home, Tay had a new haircut that looked really nice and she whipped me up a very tasty stir fry. I sat in front of the TV to watch three episodes of "My Name is Earl". I contemplated taking the blood pressure meds I forgot to take this morning, but I was feeling pretty serene, so I sat back and enjoyed the show and kissed Aussie and Tay goodbye before they left for the mall. Tay took my black Durango as she customarily does instead of driving the white Maidpro Durango after business hours.

About a half hour later, in the middle of watching a rare episode that I haven't seen before, Tay calls.

"Ummm...I can't get the key to unlock the car door. I even tried it manually and it won't turn", Tay informs me.

"That's weird", I thought to myself. The only other time I had this problem was when Tay washed my other set of keys in the washer, but that's a whole 'nother story.

"Before I come get you gals, can you try one thing?" I say.

"Sure", Tay replies.

"Go into the Sears and replace the small battery for the keys. Maybe the battery died. Sears has an automotive section and they should have no problem swapping it out quickly. Call me back if it doesn't work."

"Sure". And I go back to watching the show.

5 minutes later the phone rings again. I get up to answer it. It's Tay again.

"It didn't work".

Being that we have three vehicles, this really isn't a big problem, so I offer to come get them and tell them I'll be there in about 10 minutes.

I get dressed and go outside to Tay's white Durango. I get inside and reach for the keys in the ignition. They are not there.

That's odd, since rural life dictates that all keys must remain in the ignition of vehicles as a matter of principal. I still have issues with that one, having grown up in NYC, but usually my black Durango is the only vehicle on the property in which I bring the keys in the house.

So, I go back in the house to look for the keys. They are nowhere to be found. I'm getting supremely annoyed since the keys are NEVER anyplace else. I call Tay.

"Tay...any idea where the keys are for the white Durango?"

"In the ignition."

"No, they aren't in the car."

"That's odd. Maybe they are in my black coat"

I check it. "Nope"

"The bedroom"


"The Pie safe"


"The kitchen table"

"Nope. Listen, Tay...I already checked all over the house including all your clothes folded on the bed."

"That's odd. I have no idea where they can be. Why don't you take the Trailblazer down to get us."


I hang up and look outside and remember that Tay's Trailblazer, our third vehicle is getting new brakes and we were waiting for Tay to get her registration in the mail so it can be inspected. Tay forgot to send in the registration for a month or two or three and it couldn't get inspected until the registration came back.

"God damned it. Are you kidding me?"

I call Tay back.

"Tay, the Trailblazer isn't here. Isn't it at the shop for brakes?"

"Oh yeah...no...it got the new brakes. It's down the road at Dad's place. It's not inspected but you can still drive it down to get us. Take the Big Red down to Dad's and get it."

I'm starting to get furious but do my best to hide it.

"Okay...see you in 10 minutes."

So, I go into the garage, get in the Big Red and drive through the pitch black woods to Tay's Dad's place. The Trailblazer is sitting behind his garage. I park the Big Red out of the way and get into the Trailblazer.

By now, you can probably guess...No keys in the ignition.

Let me just start by saying, it's a good thing the door and windows were closed in the Trailblazer and that no neighbor lived nearby. The tapestry of obscenies I wove in that vehicle lasted for about 3 whole minutes.

"God damn it!"

...every fucking vehicle on both properties except my truck usually has keys in the ignition. Quads, tractors, backhoe, cars...you name it, there is a key in the ignition. At this point, I am livid. The keys don't seem to be anywhere in the car either.

I call Tay back again.

"There are no keys in the trailblazer either"

"That's odd. I wonder what Dad did with them. Did you check under the mat?"

"Nope...not there"


"Nope, not there"


"Tay, these fucking keys are nowhere in the vehicle"

"Ummmm, okay. Lemme think. Dad is out with his wife seeing the Rockettes. Why don't you take his car?"

I look over at her Dad's car.

"What are the chances that the keys are actually inside it at this point?"

"They'll be in there"

I hang up and walk to the vehicle. At this point my blood pressure is probably clocking in at 300 over 180 and my nice peaceful night is ruined.

I get into the car and BINGO, the keys are there!

I call Tay. "Okay, I'm on my way".

Normally (when my blood pressure isn't skyrocketing), my powers of deductive reasoning are fairly acute. Hell, they have to be with all the shit the Peteys pull on a daily basis. Tonight, they were a little off.

But for some reason, driving my Father-in-laws's car was very relaxing. By the time I pulled out of Dad's driveway, my mind was starting to clear. By the time I passed our driveway, I had an epiphany. I solved the riddle, but now I was trying to figure out a tactful way to break it to Tay.

I pick up the blackberry.


"It's me, Tay. I'm on my way, but I wanted to ask a quick question."

"Okay" Tay replied.

"Is there any chance that you have both sets of Durango keys?"

I bite my lip.

"Lemme check..................uh, yeah, I do"

Then I ask the next obvious question with as much tact as humanly possible given the circumstances. In retrospect, I think I should be up for a 2009 Noble Peace prize for showing remarkable restraint.

"Is there any chance that you tried the white Durango's keys to open the black Durango?"

Not to be mean but I can hear the light going on in Tay's head over the phone line.

"I don't know. Let me go to the car and check"

"Okay, I'm on my way anyway, but call me back", I said.

Two minutes later, the phone rings and I am greeted by Tay's sheepish voice.

"Yeah, that's what I did. We're in the car."

"Okay, good, I'll see you at home."

I take Dad's car back to his house and get in Big Red and take another quick drive through the woods back to our house. I've missed all three episodes of "Earl" and my remaining food is cold. I throw it in the garbage and reach for my BP medication. I pop a double dose.

Ten minutes later, Tay and Aussie walk in the house.

Tay is avoiding eye contact at first but then starts to apologize profusely. I ask her if she was sure that the hairdresser didn't dye her hair blond on the inside earlier in the day.

I tell her that she's gonna have a hell of a weekend of massages to get my blood pressure down.



A Glimpse At The Boobs In Government

...and so it begins. The bean counters are hard at work.

Government sponsored "research" suggests that breast exam and self exam guidelines should be changed because it costs more than the benefit.

A recent WSJ article reveals that a government entity, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, is now suggesting that the age for mammogram screening be pushed back to 50 and also suggests teaching self exams be discontinued because of too many "false positives".

Excuse me? Shouldn't false negatives be the main priority? If anything, mammography techniques should be improved.

I guess according to the government, less cases equals less incidence equals "statistically better" healthcare. Of course, those finally diagnosed won't probably live too long, but isn't that the desired outcome here? Cancer doesn't exist in the stats if we don't know about it. This reeks of pre-emptive rationing of one of women's most crucial healthcare issues. Why save a few women when you can save costs on a thousand women.

This is a perfect example of the type of stealth rationing that we'll get under public option government healthcare. Not many discount the effectiveness of mammography screening, but the decisions on age of screening will come down to cost outlay, not lives saved.

That is criminal.


Aussie Cheers Pens On To Victory!

Aussie and I went to see the Pens-Ducks game tonight.

The Pens won 5-2.

Annoying Guy behind us was actually tolerable believe it or not.

Here is a shot of the opening face-off.

It was a gorgeous night for hockey and the Pens did not disappoint. We even got to see a brief fight beyween Billy Guerin and Ryan Getzlaf.

Aussie enjoyed her last game at the Mellon Arena.


Two Of PETA's Newest Dopes!

Pretty PETA Please! Keep Them Coming!!! I'm on the verge of vegan, I can feel it!


Effects Of The Recession?

Yeah, what's up with that, Tay Tay?


Correction: Douchebag Of The Year!

While, I don't mean to denigrade the victims of Ft. Hood, this witch has perpetuated a more grave injury to our great nation with the passage of nationalized healthcare in the House.

But, she's not entirely blameless. We have a whole crowd of Americans who are gullible and are one step closer to getting the "hope and change" in the form of a splintered broomstick up their asses. And believe me, they deserve what they get.

She is a national symbol for what is wrong with our country and what happens when folks vote with thier hearts and not with their minds. Do I think it would be great if everybody had "free everything"? Sure. But not when you have to steal it from someone else.

She promised to clean up the House of Representatives when she was elected speaker of the House. Ethics abuses continue to mount and she, in true partisan form, has chosen to do nothing. The most heinous example is that of Charlie Rangel as he still sits atop the House's Way and Means committee regardless of his tax cheating, hidden income and misuse of government funding. That's the guy I want in charge of writing and approving the tax codes.

She promised change too and offers nothing but more extreme cronyism... Hell, she sponsored one of the largest bills the House has ever seen and locked the doors preventing access to Republicans. She even had time to call the CIA a bunch of liars and chastized another member for calling Obama a liar when, according to the House healthcare bill, he clearly did lie. Like we are to believe that Obama had no hand in the construction of this bill? Please...

She's a Grade A loon.

For that, she is a bigger douchebag than Mr. Hasan. That said, she'll probably get next year's Noble Prize.


Douche Bag Of The Year

I heard a news account that this jackass isn't talking to investigators. Ummm... I say let the waterboarding begin!

He was going to Afghanistan to council soldiers experiencing "battle fatigue"? It doesn't even seem like he was going to fight.

What is a prick like this doing in the US armed services other than to soak up free med school and perks.

My thoughts involve waterboarding him until he adequately explains himself and then give him a good old fashioned hanging. I'd also be tempted to deport all of his immediate family dependent on the outcome.

Honestly, it's much more than he deserves. What a dick!


Are Election Results Indicative Of America's Mood?

If you listened to Fox News last night, the answer was a resounding YES. If you listened to CNN, and the big three, the answer was a big NO.

I think the important thing though is not what the networks think but what our politicians who are supposed to represent us think. Are they willing to ignore the clear majority of us who oppose anymore spending bills or will they continue to try to ram them down our throats, expending any last bit of fictional political capital that they believe they have.

I say that we are not out of the woods and that this administration is prepared to throw a whole lot of moderate to conservative democrats under the bus to get socialized healthcare done. That is unfortunate but we must continue to fight the good fight here and not rely on two governor's races to give us any false sense of security.

The loons are in complete control of the democratic party. That is unfortunate for some good people in that party, namely the blue dogs.


Pissing On Jesus Is Funny?

I'm sorry but I fail to find humor in Larry David pissing on a painting of Jesus in a recent episode of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I guess it's not enough that christians have to suffer attack after attack by whiny bitches that are offended by the faith that helped build the laws and principals that built this nation, but now we're supposed to find humor in its' offense?

Is there any particular reason why Mr. David didn't choose to piss on Mohammed instead? Because christians are an easy target and are not likely to cut his fucking head off with a chainsaw, that's why!

Well, this christian is done turning the other cheek. Fuck you, Mr. David, you douchebag and self loathing Jew. You are a disgrace to your religion and are a horrible human being. Maybe Roman Polanski will get bored one day and him and Woody Allen can violently ass rape you.

That would be a hilarious idea for a future episode. Well, maybe not, but funnier than pissing on Jesus in my book. What a dick!


My Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

About ten years ago, I was suffering from pretty consistent heartburn and digestive issues. My doctor ordered an endoscopy (stomach) and colonoscopy (colon) in order to see if I had damage or anything out of the ordinary going on. This is the procedure where they feed a flexible tube with a camera at the tip into the respective areas. They suspected at the very least, that I had a stomach ulcer.

If drinking a gallon of gag inducing liquid fiberglass the night before to clean my intestines out wasn't bad enough, the peppermint numbing agent they lined my throat with still has me avoiding anything with that flavor like the plague. Try coming hard at me with a candy cane and there's a pretty good chance you'll be doing is pulling the thing out of your rectum.

Anyway, I'm laying on the table, drifting off to sleep in a Valium induced haze and the last thing I feel is the nice ultra warm blanket they drape over me. As my vision is getting hazy, the last thing I see is my doctor pulling the camera scope from its' sterile packaging. I mumble something and drift off ...

A few hours later I wake up in a recovery room and the nurse gets my doctor. I ask him how everything went and he says okay and gives me a clean bill of health. They find nothing out of the ordinary. Then, my doctor starts to chuckle.

"What?", I said.

"Do you remember what you told me right before you drifted off to sleep?"

"No, Doc...I don't"

"You told me to do your stomach first. Like we were really going to use the same scope to do both procedures.", he continues laughing.

"I don't remember that at all"

"Well, it definitely made our day. We laughed through the whole procedure"

"And did you do the stomach first?"

"What do you think?"

"I don't know. All I can taste is this goddamn peppermint!"

He walks away laughing. He never did answer my question.


Obama Clinches 2010 Nobel Peace Prize!

President Obama's selfless act of helping a child blow the seeds off a dandelion has secured him a second consecutive Nobel Peace prize, observers conclude.

"I can't imagine anyone doing more to eclipse this grand gesture in 2010", says panel of five Norwegian socialists, who award the yearly prize.

We may have a dynasty on our hands!


Congrats to Cali and LiLi!

Our family couldn't be happier for the early arrival of Alexandra yesterday!

Cali and LiLi were expecting a Halloween delivery but were most pleasantly surprised by getting their "sweets" early!

Allie is a little cutie pie and is sure to be a real heartbreaker.

Bluey's World extends a sneak peak and wishes your new family all of our best.

The Peteys and I are looking forward to lots of babysitting and if you're not careful, we might indoctrinate her as the newest Petey!


Nice Visitor!

We usually have two young twin "spike" bucks that frolic around our property as if they own it. We see them almost every single day.

Our game cam, which monitors basically chicken predators in the coop area, caught this image earlier this morning.

This is the first bigger buck that I've seen so close to the house.

At this rate I might be doing my deer hunting out of my bedroom window!

Then, maybe it won't take me 14 shots like last year!


Our First Homegrown Chicken Dinner!

The Peteys and I enjoyed our first free ranged chicken meal. The chicken was tender and tasty. We all agree that the chicken tasted as good or better than any chicken we've ever had. I was very pleasantly surprised after hearing many stories about tough and less than tasty home butchered birds.

Our bird, a 25 week old Buff Orpington rooster tasted absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough also about our family making another small step towards our ability to live self sufficiently.

The girls raved about the flavor. Even Kitty, our youngest daughter, who had initial reservations about eating a bird we raised, helped pick the bird clean. I think she liked it the best.

Special thanks to Tay and Aussie, who helped prepare such a wonderful meal and thanks to Buffy, the rooster, who lived 25 weeks as a "cage free" free range bird for providing the tasty entree. Even though butchering your own food sounds unpleasant, it's nice to know that one less bird in the world had to be caged to provide our family of six with a meal.

We plan on continuing to raise a few birds next year as well, hens for eggs and roos for meat.


Our First Processed Chicken

Tay and I processed our first chicken today. We have 2 extra young roosters, so we thought we'd try our hand at producing our own roaster. Our largest Buff Orpington rooster will provide Tuesday's dinner with our girls!

I spared you guys any real graphic photos. Overall, It went very well and we are excited to taste the fruits of our labors. Plucking turned out to be extremely simple after dipping the chicken in 150 degree water a few quick dunks. Eviscerating it turned out to be rather simple as well. If the bird ends up tasting good, I can see us processing more birds in the future.

Since our birds truly free range, there's a chance the meat won't be as tender as caged birds, but worse comes to worse, we just make soup in the future. I'm just glad to have the chickens and enjoy them having free reign on the property. They are very relaxing to watch and the eggs the hens provide are the best! Now, if the rooster roast turns out to be a winner, I think we'll have full utilization of a chicken flock and teach our children a good lesson in providing the simpler basics of life for ourselves.

I'll update with pictures of Tuesday's dinner with the girls!


Zombieland: "Nut Up Or Shut UP"

Tay and I went to see Zombieland tonight. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. It is exactly what it promises, one night of good time zombie slaying fun.

This movie was either going to be real funny or it was going to be atrocious. Woody Harrelson and cast does not disappoint.

I encourage you to see it and remember the mantra you little spitfuck, "either nut up or shut up!". Well worth the price of admission.


Does anybody else see the irony of David "the hasbeen" Letterman calling Sarah Palin's look one of a "slutty flight attendant", now that he has been busted having several sexual relationships with some of his female staffers?
Perhaps, Mr. Letterman sees all the world's women as being slutty flight attendants? What a hypocritical scumbag. I hope his wife divorces him and takes all his money!
Of course, Sarah Palin is much too classy to weigh in on this one, but I'll do it for her.


Woody says "Let My Friend, Roman Polanski, Go!!!"

Does anybody else find it incredulous that one of the most vocal supporters of keeping a self admitted 13 year old child rapist out of jail is Woody Allen?

Director Roman Polanski, after running from the United States 30+ years ago to avoid jail time is being held by the Swiss government for the charge. The US is currently trying to extradite him and charge him for the crime.

Of course, all the nutball Hollywood types on the left are arguing that he be released. They are making arguments absolving Mr. Polanski of his crime of rape. Disgusting and pathetic...

Well, according to Woody Allen's standards, adopting a child, fucking her, leaving your longtime girlfriend and marrying her adopted child is acceptable practice. How the fuck does this retard even have the balls to weigh in on this subject? He should be in jail too!

A 13 year old girl was raped by Roman Polanski, statutory or violent, makes no difference. Anyone who makes argument against his prosecution is a moron and part of what is wrong with America, where it's okay to be human debris as long as you are "really sorry" about it.

Mr. Polanski got her drunk, gave her half a qualude, performed oral and anal sex upon her as she cried for him to stop. He knew she was thirteen and then told her not to tell anybody about it. If I was her father, Roman Polanski would be a fucking pulpy bloodstain somewhere.

Hell, Mr. Polanski had no shortage of young women to sleep with in the 70's. There was no need other than a mental pathology for sleeping with a child.

It's high time Mr. Polanski was on the other end of the raping! It's also about time that we set the Hollywood left straight. Fucking lot of assholes, unfortunately that includes Martin Scorcese as well. That's the last of his movies I watch unless he recants his support of such a heinous individual.


With Friends Like This... :)

Good ones over on the Pilgrimage blog! Read up and see you guys in another week!
Nice one, Highmark!


Jimmy Carter = Janeane Garafolo

It's bad enough that Maureen Dowd of the NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN have called just about anyone opposing Obama's policies a racist. I guess you expect it from those folks since they gave up journalism for cheerleading quite awhile ago.

But, a former president??? Jimmy Carter has absolutely embarrassed himself by throwing his hat in the same ring. Not that it is terribly surprising given Carter's recent coziness to Fidel Castro and whoever is in charge of Palestine at the time.

How anybody can make an argument for racism based on opposition to liberal policy is amazing. The Democrats continue to dig their own graves as the hard working American people are getting tired of having their money taken away and being treated like shit when they voice their opinions to the government.

Moderate Democrats who sit and allow this nonsense to perpetuate have to realize how much this discussion hurts Obama. If Obama is unwilling to quell this nonsense, being reported 24/7 on lib news, he reveals an absolute lack of character or political resolve. The left wing of his party is usurping any credibility he may have once had.


Acorn Scandal: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT Still In The Dark!

The Acorn scandal is now over a week old and none of the above news outlets have mentioned the story nor can the story be found on their websites as of today. Do you know what this means?
Journalism is dead at these places.
The reason they continue to ignore the story is that it goes against their policy of supporting President Obama at all costs.
The videos which can be found on YouTube are absolutely damning. The organization is obviously a festering bed of corruption. These are the people that were getting a seat at Obama's table during his presidency. These are the folks that the administration wanted to send into our houses to collect sensitive information for the census.
They have received almost 50M in federal money (some from President Bush) to date and were slated to get over 8B in stimulus money.
If Attorney General Eric Holder fails to investigate this organization, he should be replaced with someone who will. The FBI should get involved, close their doors and review their documents to see just how far the corruption goes.
If the rank and file workers for ACORN were so quick to give advice on how to become tax cheats, lie on loan applications, smuggle 13-15 year old girls from foreign countries to be part of prostitution rings, etc...etc... with strangers walking in off the street that they don't even know, what kind of advice do they give for the folks in their own communities?
This isn't a case of a few bad apples. This is a poisoned tree. One that Obama has intimate connections to as one of their former lawyers.
These are the community organizers that he thinks are the future of this country?


Does This Remind You Of Anybody?

2009 Bluey's Hail Mary

The WashPA fantasy football draft was yesterday. So starts the defense of last year's title (15-1). Here is this year's squad for those interested.

QB: Tony Romo (DAL)

RBs: Matt Forte (CHI), Pierre Thomas (NO), Ray Rice (BAL), Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG), LeSean McCoy (PHI), Donald Brown (IND), Jonathan Stewart (CAR)

WRs: Greg Jennings (GB), Calvin Johnson (DET), Eddie Royal (DEN), Percy Harvin (MIN), Tory Holt (JAX)

TE: Dallas Clark (IND) DEF: San Diego Chargers K: Nate Kaeding


Canning Tomatoes

Tay and I canned 15+ quarts of tomatoes at her Dad's farm today. Despite the late season tomato blight, the plants have surprisingly yielded enough tomatoes to get 100+ quarts canned again this season (most done by her Dad and stepmum). I got the job as "mater squisher" as Daddy got the day off...well, is it really a day off when you're cutting hay instead of canning?
Look at these beauts. I can't wait to start making gravy out of these bad boys!


Canning Corn

Tay tried her hand at canning corn today (raw pack). About 35 ears of corn produced 6 quarts.


Bluey Obituary: Mary Jo Kopechne's Ghost

Just past midnight on Saturday, July 19, 1969, Senator Ted Kennedy drove his black Oldsmobile sedan off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha's Vineyard, just off Cape Cod. The "married" Senator escaped a watery death, but a passenger in his car, twenty-eight-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, did not. The senator did not immediately call rescue services but wandered away from the scene, checked back into his hotel, called the front desk in the middle of the night to complain about a noise problem and then finally reported the accident 10 hours later!

Today, Ms. Kopechne's ghost can finally rest. It took 40 years, but justice has finally been served. Good riddance to Senator Ted Kennedy as well. He was a trainwreck of a man, a drunken, womanizing joke and lived too long of a life on his brothers' coattails.

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