Durango Tail-Light: Before Petey And After!

The tail-light on the left was what my new Durango's unit used to look like. That was before I made the mistake of parking too close to Petey #1 (Tay) in our parking area. The light on the right is the after picture, not to mention a dented bumper.

You see, apparently some people back up vehicles in the morning without checking any rearview mirrors, even though they had to walk around said vehicle to get to theirs.

Some people have too many things on their mind to give a cursory look back before running over the family pet, schoolchildren or, in this case, my vehicle.

"There's not usually anything there. I can't be responsible with having to look back".

Thank God we don't live in a school zone.


He's Got The Whole World In His Hands!

Pitching in Shea stadium, a notorious pitcher's park, with the Mets offense supporting him, how many games can Johan Santana win?

The New York Mets, not only got the best pitcher in the majors but gave up almost nothing to get him.

Kudos to Mets GM, Omar Minaya, who may have singlehandedly brought multiple world championships to the Mets with this deal. Now it's up to David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran et al. to develop their killer instinct and start trouncing people. Last year they played like they were happy to win by one run every game.

The Mets should win the east by 15 games and lap the rest of the NL as well. Anything short of a championship will be a disappointment.


Five Peteys On Board

The license plate celebrating my sweet and precious yet annoying cargo has arrived.
Girls, girls, girls...fifteen bags for a two day trip...
Girls, girls, girls...9 lip gloss and ten lip sticks...
What's the chances that I can get the five peteys to wash the car???


Bluey Obituary: Heath Ledger

I actually liked Heath Ledger as an actor and also posthumously forgive him for his Brokeback Mountain role as a gay cowboy. How big of me...huh?

It's always a shame when someone so young dies. I don't really care to speculate on whether it was a drug overdose, suicide or Mary Kate Olsen that killed Mr. Ledger. I'll leave those wild accusations and charges to Nancy Grace.

But, as uninterested in the Batman movies as I have been, the pictures of Ledger as the Joker, is really sucking me in. The movie execs are talking about reducing Heath's exposure in future ads promoting the movie. This is a pansy-assed mistake.

If it was me who was dead, I'd want the show to go on. This will be one of Heath's last two chances to carve out his place among his peers. So, build up the movie by any means necessary. I'm sure Heath would have as many people see this movie as possible.

I really liked him in "The Patriot", the modern Shakespearean adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, "10 Things I Hate About You" and also have a soft spot in my heart for "A Knight's Tale".

It sounds like he went gently into that good night. What more can you ask of death?


Moron TV

Nancy Grace may be the nastiest witch I've ever seen on television. I know this post is going to offend some people I know but so be it.

If you watch this cunt spew hatred on a nightly basis...you are a moron.

As if the news isn't sensationalist enough, we get to watch Nancy sit in her throne and speculate the worst possible scenarios for each news story. Like, somehow, placing extra blame is going to make everything okay.

The news is horrible enough. The justice system is unperfect. I get it. I don't need to get all riled up by some satanic yenta who obviously has an axe to grind with the world. Hey Nanc, how about popping a bottle of Midol and calling it a day?

I guess it's a good thing that she's venting her spleen on TV and not actually forming lynch mobs.


Bienvenidos Al Mejico!

Apparently, there are a handful of American landowners on the US-Mexico border that are balking about letting American surveyors on their property to begin work for the border fence. They have taken to suing the government.

I could really care less whether we build a fence or not, since Mexicans will find a way here regardless of any physical barrier, but I'm aware of eminent domain, in which people lose their property to even more nonsensical things every day.

But the story made me chuckle because I thought of the perfect American solution to that problem. Build the fence between their property and the United States and renounce their citizenship. Crisis solved.

Congratulations, now you are a Mexican!


Yoko Romo

The funniest thing I heard last week before the Dallas Cowboys' demise, centered around the Jessica Simpson jinx. One reporter refered to her as Yoko Romo.

Now, I'm not a superstitious man, but apparently Tony Romo left her at home and they still lost to the NY Giants this past weekend 21-17.

If I were Tony Romo, I would have defended her in the following Lennon-esque fashion.

"All I am saying...is give my "piece" a chance!"


Malkin + Pens 4, NY Rangers 1.

Bebis and I attended the Pens-Ranger game tonight for her birthday. As usual, she brought the Pens luck and they whipped my precious Blueshirts.

Evgeny Malkin was a one man wrecking ball, popping in an empty netter at the end for the hat trick. He's turning out to be quite the Ranger killer.

Bebis also caught a T-shirt from the Pens cheerleaders, making a spectacular reaching grab whilst among a legion of thirty something males. I told Bebis that is the last time I take her to a Ranger game. They are 1-3 with her in attendance.


Bluey Is Officially A Media Whore

Today, I did my first stint on the radio, appearing on Bloomberg Radio speaking about Biotech and Pharma stocks and their prospects for 2008 with Charlie Stein.


There's No Crying in Election Campaigns

Last night, Tay and I were laying in bed watching TV and a story came on about Hillary winning the NH primary.

"She was crying the other day about losing in Iowa", Stacey exclaimed.

"I'm sure that the crying fit was a calculated move by her spin squad", I cynically replied.

"No. I saw it. She was actually crying! Who the hell wants a president who is going to flake out and start crying the moment things seem to be going against them?"

"Apparently the women of New Hampshire do"

"That is bullshit. I don't want some crybaby as my president", Tay replied.

It made me think. I never really thought much about Hillary's despair after Iowa. Maybe because having five peteys of my own, I'm used to women getting emotional and think nothing of it.

But, what does it really mean, if anything? Does it imply an inherent weakness that is inconsistent with the qualifications of a presidential candidate? The more I think about it, the more I am in agreement with Tay's statement.

But I guess I don't take it too serious, because I feel that Hillary is absolutely unelectable. Too many people despise her. She'd have to get overwhelming support by women nationwide to even have a prayer and conservative women can't stand her.

But should her teary eyed despair disqualify her from consideration in voters eyes? Any thoughts?


Grindhouse: Planet Terror

Happy New Year to All! Welcome back to the fourth calender year of Bluey's World.

I saw Planet Terror last night. It was supposedly the better half of the Grindhouse double feature. If that's the better half, i'd suggest you just skip 'em both. I thought that these movies were supposed to be fun to watch? I found it to be quite painful and actually preferred a very poor Beowulf movie (with a smoking hot cartoon Angelina Jolie as Grendel's mom) over it. The dialogue was poor, as was the story and the characters reactions to what was going on around them. None of the characters are developed and it's hard to care about what happens to any of them. The best part of these movies are supposed to be the crazy characters and dialogue to go with the sex and violence. This movie offers neither, and is pretty sparse with any real sex and believable violence as well.

And even Rose MCGowan doesn't get her leg gun (as shown on the previews and posters until minute 90 (of 96). What an absolute ripoff. A dearth of hot chicks and cartoonish violence where every gunshot spurts out a gallon of pink Nickolodeon-like slime?

What a joke. On the other hand, the Beowulf movie was at least watchable due mainly to Grendel's mom's cartoon milkers.

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