Bluey's Flock

Our chicks are slowly growing into hens and I am really starting to worry about becoming a "crazy chicken man".

I come home from work and sit around feeding my birds watermelon and grapes rather than playing my Xbox360.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Here is an updated picture of the girls taken with the Moultrie game cam.

I use the cam to document predator visits, so I know when I have to do some raccoon/varmint hunting.


My Favorite NHL Draft Day Trade Rumor

Pittsburgh's Evgeny Malkin to Russia for NOTHING!!!

I think I would piss myself if Malkin accepts a rumored $12M contract to return to Russia and the Pens get stuck holding the bag. Then Penguin fans can blame Russian oil company windfall profits for providing the cash necessary for such a transaction.


To Boldly Go Where Probably Many Men Have Gone Before

"Warp speed to future alimony, Sulu!"

I have to say, I am getting so tired of hearing about gay marriages. I'm actually looking forward to gay divorces, so these folks can realize how good they had it before with relationships without the legal ties.

Boo Fucking Hoo!

The New York and national media is making a big deal about how "badly" the Willie Randolph firing was handled by NY Mets GM Omar Minaya. Apparently, Willie was "forced" to make a trip to California and was fired after last night's game despite winning. Also, it being 3:14am EST had some kind of bearing on how poor the timing was.

I say "Boo Fucking Hoo!"

Willie Randolph has failed to lift this 140M team out of its' tailspin from a year ago when the team blew a 7 game lead with 17 games to go (which is the worst collapse in the history of the sport!). He is a super nice guy but the team has just stopped responding to him. He shows little to no fire or emotion and neither has the team.

The guy is still slated to collect millions on his three year contract for doing nothing. I guess it is either a slow news day or the lazy journalists are bitter that they had to get up out of bed to do their job. I'm sure the latter had plenty to do with it. God forbid a newspaper or media outlet stays open past 11pm these days to report a story or include a late boxscore.

I, for one, welcome the firing but still want Heilman, Schoenweiss and Wise's heads on platters as well. And Jerry Manuel, interim coach seems to be a Randolph clone showing little to no emotion, so I remain dissatisfied with the end result.

Omar Minaya needs to send a message and trade one or all of these guys, and add maybe a Billy Wagner or Carlos Delgado and trade them to a crappy baseball town like Pittsburgh, Kansas City or Tampa Bay. Nothing motivates players like the threat of being moved somewhere they don't want to go. Getting the mindset changed is of paramount importance at this point. Minaya needs to do something bold on top of the Randolph firing since Manuel is not a firebrand motivator.

We'll see what happens. And, to all you sports "journalists" out there, quit your fucking crying or get real jobs!


Bluey's First Walleye

We ended up having some perfectly cool overcast weather out on Lake Erie for the walleye tournament this past weekend.

Flav and I chipped in with surprisingly our only two walleye of the day, while B caught a monster sheephead (among the multitude of them we caught) and Cal caught a bevy of white bass on line #4.

I kissed my walleye for luck but we couldn't get Flav to touch a fish all day, not even his walleye for a picture (he's plum scared of fish). That's what I blame the walleye drought on. After that, we cleaned up exclusively on white bass and sheephead as the walleye remained elusive.

Captain Popeye kept us entertained with tons of crazy boating stories and B proved to us that, miraculously, even on the open water with a breeze, his "healthy" system could make a boat stink for almost 5 minutes at a time.

Overall, a good time had by all.


Gone Fishin'

The picture on the left represents one of the best days I had in my life fishing.

In July 1976, I went out with my Dad and four uncles on Lake Champlain in Vermont and came back with two 30+ inch northern pike. The damn fish were almost as tall as me.

My Dad and uncles caught nothing. It's a miracle they didn't throw me off the boat as I caught the fish on the left on just a small nub of a worm. I told the crew, "that's all I need to catch a fish". Yes, I was a jackass even at the tender age of ten.

This weekend, Flav, B, Cali and I are going on a fishing trip in a tournament in Lake Erie. Hopefully the results will be the same!

Catch up with you all on Sunday!


2007 Best Picture Winner (As Awarded By Bluey)

Juno...hands down, and it's not even that close.

Juno was much better than No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood. I can't remember whether Juno was nominated for Best Picture but so far, of the 2007 films I've seen, Juno is the best far and away.

An interesting movie from start to finish with great and imperfect characters. I won't give anything away but I really can't say enough about it. There really isn't a bad performance in the whole movie and the story and dialogue is real and entertaining.

My favorite scenes involve an ultrasound technologist getting told off by Juno's stepmother and Juno's conversation with her Dad near the end of the film. Pure gold!

Ellen Page, as Juno, should have also walked away with a Best Actress Oscar. And, I usually hate to see children even nominated.


Bluey's Favorite Sitcom: Scrubs

Scrubs has been my favorite TV show for almost three years now. I rate it up there with the best comedy sitcoms ever (including Seinfeld). The advantage it has over most shows is that it has so many richly developed characters that each one could carry a whole show by themselves.

I was so excited that ABC seems to be picking it up from NBC for an eight season. It would be a real shame for this series to end on a few lame episodes poorly constructed during the Writer's Guild strike.

Unfortunately, this show doesn't seem to have ever gained universal approval from viewers. It kicks ER and Grey's Anatomy's asses and isn't even comparable since those shows are basically prime time soap operas whose stories have been done a thousand times before. Scrubs is just escapist good time fun that is infectious. Tune in and enjoy! I think that syndication is finally going to win this show a lot of fans. It's on several times a day.


Attention All Tree Huggers!

"Bluey is a horrible, horrible man. I was just minding my own business and not going near his chickens at all and that bastard shot me! That motherfucker should be put in jail, neeedlessly endangering God's creatures all over a few omelletes. I swear to God, I wasn't going to rip open the coop and snack on tasty chicken butts! Live and let live, I always say. Now I'm heading for the KFC in the sky. I hope my rotting putrid corpse makes him sick in the coming 90 degree weather! Please see to it that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
Love, Rocky


Tay Tay's New Ride!

The Maidpro-mobile is in the house!

We finally got around to converting the white Durango into the bubbly Maidpro-mobile, fresh with a "MAIDPRO" license plate to boot!

So, if you see this vehicle roaming around your neighborhood, give Tay a honk!

"It's about time!"


Fat Loser Unemployed!

Poor Mark Madden was recently fired by ESPN.

The ironic thing is he was fired for saying one of the first things I actually agreed with him, saying that he had hoped Ted Kennedy "would live long enough to be assassinated." There's no way he should have been fired for that! He got great ratings despite being a jackass, so one can only assume ESPN was merely biding its time just waiting for any excuse to fire him. Bonus for me, I couldn't stand him anyway but I think that it was hypocritical for ESPN to boot him for that reason. I won't shed tears over it though.

Why Pittsburgh sports fans gave this retard ratings is beyond me. He is a narcissistic loser who probably is a "free sex virgin" who claimed an IQ of 160 as if sports talk required anything higher that a 70 IQ. If he was really that smart, he would have been doing something else for a living or not bragging about his IQ to the listeners that he clearly loathed. The guy regularly phoned in his show while watching soccer in the studio and was a total Penguin homer. He expressed open disdain for Steeler fans and the Pirates in general. Even though he bit the hand that fed his fat ass, somehow he manged to stay on the air much longer than I thought possible.

I saw him several times in my life, once at a Hooters, eating by himself. He appeared to be a pathetic specimen of a human being to be pitied. I'd severely doubt if he has many friends outside the few that are with him because he is a celebrity. He is also pretty much universally despised within his own profession. That being said, I'm sure somebody else will hire him, unfortunately. Hopefully it'll be far from here with no syndication.

Me, I prefer my sports radio to be unbiased, informative and light humored, not a day after day pissing match. Mark was neither unbiased or informative. He made a wonderful call on the Pens-Detroit series, calling the Red Wings a mediocre talented team full of old men. If hockey was his forte, he clearly came up short time after time with his analysis, which probably was done 5 minutes before showtime during his commute to work.

Thank you Jesus for ridding us of this waste of space!

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