Loni Marches On Disney!

The McGuffey High School band marched in the 3pm parade today at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Tay and I took a mini vacation away from the snow to see Loni's color guard performance with the band.

We didn't exactly get weather we wanted. It rained most of the trip but Loni had a blast at all the Disney parks and the band did the school proud!

All in all, a very enjoyable trip to see our sweetie and when we got back to Washington, PA, we could actually see the ground! Yes!


Minnie and Pearl Out With Churkey!

Finally, we're getting some snow melt here with the temperature ringing in the 40's.

Today marks a month since the Feb 5th/6th blizzard ended. In some ways it seemed like a year!

We lost power and water for three days, ran out of propane for the furnace last week, during the mini-storm that made our driveway impassable and ran out of wood under the porch for the woodburner a day later.

We had another store of wood in the fire pit area but it was covered with 4 feet of piled snow. We had to dig it out and carry it to the basement when the Big Red got stuck in the snow.

Jeez, what a month! I'm glad to see it end. Apparently Churkey feels the same way, as she strutted out her 10 week old chicks for a stroll.

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