War Is Hell!

An excerpt from today's Wall Street Journal for any interested parties:

One of the first to arrive in the area was Jeff Best, a general manager hired to help head up operations. Mr. Best is a fifth-generation Phelps employee with a background in the military, including experience as a platoon sergeant for a machine-gun unit in the first Gulf War.

Give em' hell Jeffy!


The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

An Update to the Josh Hancock story:

Apparently St. Louis Cardinals deceased pitcher, Josh Hancock, wasn't the only asshole in his family. His Dad now has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant that served Josh drinks, the tow truck company, who's flatbed Josh hit and the poor soul who's broken down car was responsible for the tow truck being there in the first place.

What a Grade A jackass. It's really no wonder why Josh was an alcoholic. Obviously, Daddy only looked at him as a frigging meal ticket. And here is Daddy's last chance to raid the gravy train. How pathetic.


Raise The Jolly Roger!

I have a buddy, who shall remain nameless unless he chooses to come forward, who is a Pittsbugh Pirates fan only when the team is over a .500 winning percentage. Well, he didn't exactly put it that way, he said that he wouldn't entertain paying to go to a Pirate game unless said prior condition was met by the franchise.

Granted, the Pirates suck, McClatchey and Littlefield are retards and the Nutting family is only interested in turning a profit with the team. But as a lifelong NY Mets fan, I've suffered through far worse than any Pirate fan can imagine. Between 1974 and 1985, the Mets had some geniunely horrible seasons. I have little or no memories of 1969 of 1973. But as bad as the Mets were, I still went to the games and cheered them on. They were basically lovable losers. I guess a team can only be that when enough fans really care about the team. Let's face it, Pittsburgh is a Steeler town and only have baseball and hockey fans when the winning bandwagon comes around.

But, one thing struck me today as I was looking a the baseball standings and because of it, maybe my friend's .500 rule should be ammended.

The Pirates and their 40M payroll at 22-28 are now a half game better than the 21-28, 220M and growing NY Yankee payroll. So, the Pirates are getting more production than the Yankess at a 180M discount. Shouldn't that be cause to make an exception to the rule?

Yankees suck!!!!! Gooooooo Mets!!!!


Misguided Yenta: Will Work For Food!

I'm really going to try my best, not to dump too much on someone who lost a son in the War on Terror because that would do a tremendous disrespect for Spc Casey Sheehan, who died in service to our country.

After years of stalking George W. Bush in some sort of wacky goal of creating a purpose in her son's death (as if it wasn't already full of purpose), she basically did just the opposite. She alienated her friends and family, did her best to tarnish her son's image as a patriot, ran herself into tremendous debt trying to keep herself in the spotlight, and finally losing just about everything, including her husband.

It's perfectly normal to aggregiously grieve over a son's death. I cannot fault her for that. I also have no problem with her being against the war. That's her own choice and belief of what is right. Again, no problem.

But when she chose to use her son's death to actively put her face in the media to promote her own ideas, that's where a line is drawn. Who knows what her deceased son, Pfc Casey Sheehan really believed. All I know is that if it was me who died, I'd be mortified to know that my mother pulled such stunts to promote her own ideas. I think that is wrong. Unfortunately, this will be Casey Sheehan's legacy. Someone who didn't believe in the war and was a victim of his own government.

Is that true? I don't know. Nobody does. But that's not the legacy I'd want left behind for me.

Thanks Mom. Thanks a lot.


I'm Not Only A Blood Doper...!

I'm also a blackmailing son of a bitch!

Yeah, I'll blame it on my manager, but when push comes to shove, I wanted the whole world to know that Greg LeMond got his package fondled when he was a little boy.

My name is Floyd Landis and I am a fucking cheater and a horrible human being, not to mention a jackass.

Isn't it about time we dismantle professional cycling once and for all? It's filled with the most dishonest and lecherous human beings. Mr. Landis is merely the posterboy for the rest of them.


New York Post Misses The Boat!

Is anybody really shocked to hear that Lindsay Lohan was videotaped snorting cocaine?

A real shocker would be "Lohan Spotted In Church" or "Lohan Sober on a Friday Night!"

I'm also not shocked that Paris Hilton was sentenced to a month and a half of jail time for drunk driving. But, I would be shocked if she actually serves any time. If she does, I'm sure it will be under the watchful eye of "The Simple Life: Penitentiary Days" producers. And millions of idiots will watch it every week.

And because I can't resist, "Brittany is an Adequate Mother", would be another shocker.

I can't believe the retarded lemmings of society actually worship and follow the lives of these three jackasses. The NY Post also needs to re-evaluate what falls into the category of "shocking".

"Lindsay, Paris and Brittany Dead!"...nope...that wouldn't be shocking either. I'd lay money on one of these three tards being dead in the next five years. What a loss!


Thank You Jesus For Sparing The Rest Of Us!

So, not only was St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Josh Hancock, legally drunk x2 (.157 BAL), smoking pot (a marijuana pipe and about 7 grams of weed were found in his rental), and had previously totalled his vehicle a few days prior, he also was talking on his cellphone at the time of his accident! I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was changing his pants and wolfing down a Big Mac as well.

He basically drove into a stopped flatbed truck from what I understand.

Can anybody possibly feel bad that he's pushing up daisies? Fertilizer and worm food are probably the most productive uses for this waste of flesh. I can only thank god that this human time bomb didn't take anybody else with him.

Good Riddance Jackass! (You've just experienced another Bluey obituary!)


Those Slippery Rock Bred Educators Have Infiltrated My Alma Mater!

It seems that one of those SRU grads got placed in my old school. Read the following Fox News report:

New York City Educator Gets 'F' in English After Poorly Written Note is Sent to Parents
Thursday, May 03, 2007

A New York City educator is in hot water after sending out a scathing note to parents riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.

Michael Levy, a health academy dean at Markham Intermediate School in Staten Island, N.Y., sent home the letter to around 100 eighth graders on Monday after a rowdy food fight in the cafeteria, the Staten Island Advance reported.

In the letter, Levy used "unexcecpable" for "unacceptable," "activates" for "activities" and "caferteria" for "cafeteria."

The letter was also filled with contradictions. Levy wrote that the students would be collectively punished and prohibited from attending the prom and the year-end class trip, according to the Advance. He then wrote that the students' punishments would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The note also promised to bar students from the prom if the letter was not signed by parents and returned to the school.

The school's principal, Emma Della Rocca, said the letter was unauthorized and that Levy would be evaluated at a conference on Friday. But parents are still scratching their heads over the error-filled note.

"I'd be worried that somebody was educating my son that doesn't know how to spell," Lucy Farfan-Narcisse, a parent whose child attends the school, told WCBS-TV. "That would be a great concern."


Dems Fail To Inspire

Well, it's been well over 100 days and besides the Democrats producing nary a viable candidate for the presidency, I think they have still failed to come up with any viable solutions to any of America's other issues, both foreign or domestic.
They have succeeded in wasting taxpayer's money in passing a troops funding bill that had no chance of becoming law.
In my eyes, that's one costly statement and I'm mad as hell that no one else seems to be upset by this.
The Democrats have blown much smoke and have accomplished nothing except giving Al Qaeda hope of an American prescribed and timed pullout of the Middle East.
And to top it off, we get Democratic presidential hopefuls with no chance of winning. Hillary (too divisive), Obama (way too inexperienced but has Oprah's support!) and Edwards (who I liked last go around until he's decided to take all crazy positions to broaden his appeal).
Is this the best the Democrats have? I honestly cannot believe that. Isn't there one centrist with a little common sense that would garner appeal from at least a small percentage of Republican voters? 2008 should be a Democrat grand-slam, but the party still seems to confused over what it wants to be.
At this point, I'm in John McCain's corner. He has clearly shown an ability over the past decade to be able to work with both parties effectively. The only question now is if the Republicans are smart enough to embrace someone who has not always towed the party line.
As for Nancy Pelosi, she has been so ineffective to this point that she should step down as Speaker of the House. As I predicted, she has been incredibly divisive and does nothing but polarize the House, making it incapable of any bipartisan agreement.
I'm not impressed. Somebody convince me already that there is hope from the Dems.

Magic In The Making?

Nobody gave the NY Rangers much of a chance to beat the Buffalo Sabres in Round 2 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Admittedly, after going down two games to none in Buffalo, I was even starting to downgrade my expectations.

Then something magical happened. The Rangers started to figure Buffalo out. Their neutral zone play and relentless forechecking is starting to wear on Buffalo's young talented forwards. If Buffalo had a stud puck moving offensive defenseman, the Ranger gameplan probably wouldn't work, but without time to skate with the puck, the Buffalo forwards are turning the puck over with alarming frequency. This leaves time of puck control decidedly in the Rangers' favor.

Now, I don't know if the Rangers will advance past Buffalo. This series has the makings of a 7 game grindfest. But, unless Buffalo figures out a way to come with speed through the neutral zone into the offensive zone (which they did a few times in the last 10 minutes of Game 4), they are in danger of getting bounced.

And if there is a better goaltender than Henrik Lundquist in the NHL right now, I certainly don't see it. Henrik is absolute money between the pipes.

Lets go Rangers!!!

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