NY Rangers Need John Tortorella!

Don't get me wrong, Tom Renney was a fantastic coach for the past five years and if anybody needed to be fired during that period of time and beyond... it was Glen Sather.

Sather routinely saddled Renney with crappy overpaid and unmotivated players. But, I like this 2009 Rangers team. It needs a little tweaking, sure, but the core is very talented.

The problem is that Renney is "too nice of a guy" to be coaching in the NHL. His brand of patience is best served at the AHL level. Tortorella will bring some fire and accountability.

I just hope that the franchise follows suit and gives Sather his walking papers in the off season to complete what must be done. Let's hire a GM who isn't in love with older costly players.


How Fucking Stupid Can You Be?

Apparently, Dianne Feinstein - D, California is reaching new heights.
Pakistan seems to have been secretly helping us fight Al-Qaeda and the Taliban for the past few years even though publicly decrying attacks, allowing the US to use Pakistani air bases to launch Predator strikes.
Well, until big mouth dumbass bitch decides to drop that knowledge in a public venue. Now, British journalists, using a Google earth photo platform believes that it has found evidence of that assertion, which, rightly so has been refuted by the military. Thank God the pictures are from earlier in the deacade.
Is this bitch trying to actively prevent us from fighting terrorists or does she just want to foster civil war in Pakistan? How fucking stupid can she be?
For god's sake, she is the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Unbelievable!



Tay, the girls (sans Aussie) and I went to see Fiddler On The Roof last night at the Benedum theatre in Pittsburgh.

I have to say I was shocked that Topol from the 1971 movie was performing in the headline role as Tevye. I mean, the guy has to be in his seventies, right?
He was awesome and the production was every bit as good as the movie and Topol was very funny in his oft played signature role. It was a real treat for my girls to see the original Teyve cutting up the stage in song and dance. We all loved it!
It is being billed as his "farewell tour" but I have read differently elsewhere. I would absolutely recommend this production which is only playing here in Pittsburgh until this coming Sunday.
I've enclosed a review from one of the previous shows. This February 12th review pretty much says it all. The set designs were seamless and absolutely marvelous and the singing performances were top rate!
Incredible show...


Our Colorful Egg Collection

Barbie, our last non-laying hen, laid her first egg on Valentine's Day, a robin's egg blue shelled treasure at 27 weeks old. Barbie, one of our two Easter Eggers and Slagathor, who lays olive green eggs now provide us with a nice spectrum of egg shell colors to go with the rest of our daily collection of dark/light browns and pinkish brown.
The difference between these eggs and store bought eggs are night and day. Store bought eggs have runny whites and pale yellow yolks. Our eggs have a distinctly thick white and rich golden orange yolks.
I'll never eat a store bought egg again if I don't have to. Yummy!


Wow...Intelligent Thoughts From The Media!

Jack Cafferty wrote a pretty good description of the nonsense that is surrounding the stimulus bill. I really don't know his political affiliation but I remember him being pretty critical of GW Bush, so I'm assuming he leans left somewhat.

His CNN article

Other than right wing Fox News, I find it unbelievable that no one else seems to want to explore the exactitudes of what this bill really contains nor it's expected effect on the economy.

It's sad really...

...and another great followup story concerning this nonsense stimulus package.


Tay Saves The Day!

I sent this raccoon to Jesus today as he was trying desperately to get into the chicken coop in broad daylight this morning.

Tay woke me at 7:25am after she spotted Sir Snacks Alot trying to have chicken for breakfast. He was clawing at both coops and actually broke the handle of a rubber mallet that locks the smaller coop.

A couple of .22 rounds later and Mr. Raccoon is playing the harp!

Props to Tay Tay for saving the day! She's the best!

Our chickens we're so dumb that they basically stood in the bottom of the coop while the raccoon was trying to break in. If not for the fine mesh hardware cloth (instead of chicken wire), this day might have had a tragic ending.

Raccoon for breakfast anyone?


Another Dope!

Nancy Pelosi has really outdone herself this time trying to push the horrible pork filled stimulus package crafted by the House and Senate.

Now she's warning that each month the stimulus package is not passed, we will lose 500 million jobs!

Uh...somebody has got to let her know that the US population is only 300M and change.

What an embarrassing excuse for Speaker of the House. She is argumentative and divisive without any concept of how things work.

Is it really a wonder that the State of California will soon be bankrupt?


Happy 15th Birthday, Loni!

Sending a Happy 15th shoutout to our daughter, Loni!

Where exactly did fifteen years go? We'll be celebrating with a nice sushi dinner tomorrow night and a Pens game to follow later in the month.

Loni, you rock! Enjoy your day!


Michael Phelps: What A Dope!

Let's say that I am the best in the world at something, but there is absolutely no market to make money doing it. But, because I excelled on the world stage, folks started throwing money at me because I was such a wholesome inspiration and role model.

Well, I can tell you one thing. You wouldn't find me in strip clubs with Pacman Jones, picking up Hugh Grant type skanky whores or cockfighting pitbulls to the death. Hell, at least Michael Vick has a chance of coming out on the other side and doing okay.

At the very least I wouldn't be doing bong hits where I could be filmed doing it.

In my mind, the moron basically has thrown away a huge wad of cash and seriously affected his future earnings opportunities. Unless he does brain surgery in his spare time between puffing the chiba, there's a good chance he won't be earning tomorrow no where near what he could have been earning yesterday.

Of course, we live in a very forgiving society, where paying taxes seems optional for even the most heralded positions in our government. Michael apologized and I'm sure America will forgive him.

Unfortunately, America doesn't sign his paychecks.

Way to go dude! Hope the ganja was killer and worth what it's going to cost you...idiot.

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