Hail Mary Rides Favre's Arm To Another Victory!

Brett Favre exploded for 6 TD passes and 50 points as Bluey's Hail Mary devastated DyNasty 153-119 in their Week 4 WashPA FFL contest.

Favre exploited the weak defense as many Hail Mary starters were lost to injury (Colston, Westbrook) or bye week (Cal Johnson, Gonzales and Clark).

The Hail Mary (3-1) moves on to play Classy in a showdown of disgruntled NY Mets fans team owners.

By the way....the Mets suck!!!! Please somebody kill Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoenweiss in the offseason and dump Alou, Wagner, Martinez, Castillo, and Castro. Also, trade Delgado while you can get something for him. Basically, keep Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Schneider, Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, Joe Smith, and take a wrecking ball to the rest. From what I understand the Mets have alot of salary expiring this year. They should take advantage of it.



Dumbass greedy investment bankers and brokers! The shit has hit the fan and the pigeons are finally coming home to roost. The FBI is finally getting off its' dumb ass and starting to investigate at FNM, FRE, AIG and others.

Let's get some of these fuckers in jail by Christmas, please! It won't solve things, no....but I'd feel a whole lot better having to suffer the consequences of their nonsense! People, brace yourselves...it looks like we're in for a long haul....



Bret Favre's touchdown toss in the final few minutes propelled Bluey's Hail Mary to a 114-113 victory over Aaron Rodgers and his Blicious squad.

An intercepted 2 pt conversion pass (-3 points) was called back on a Blicious penalty insuring the victory. Favre was then pulled to preserve the win.

The Hail Mary (2-1) play DyNasty next...


How PETA Sees Women

In what has to be one of the oddest things I've ever seen from the PETA nuts, the group is now fighting against the horrors of American dairy cows by suggesting that we substitute it with human breast milk!

PETA has targeted Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream in a letter that can only be construed as a ploy to "identify and expose the abuse experienced by dairy cows".

So, they suggest a natural and healthy alternative to evil cow's milk. Human women can be milked for the food source. Now, I'm lactose intolerant, so maybe it's about time that I cozied back up to the breast bar where it all started for a little snackity snack...yummy!

I tell ya....PETA trots out nakie women, PETA tries to give me more access to the boobies,....PETA is getting real close to converting me into their doctrine.


Why Is Smiling Bob Still Smiling?

Enzyte's Smiling Bob is bound to turn into a grimace as Enzyte peddler, Steve Warshak, looks to be going to jail. He was sentenced to a very stiff and non-flaccid 25 years in jail.

One can only wonder whether he'll be smiling as much when his cellmate, Bubba, washes his Enzyte down with a Viagara/Levitra/Cialis cocktail and does his business to the "Deliverance" soundtrack!


Style Over Substance Again

The whole D-NY Charles Rangel debacle is fitting considering the choice that Democrats are asking us to make this November.

Mr. Rangel who was appointed as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (basically the tax-writing committee), was exposed for not paying taxes on several properties over the past 10 years. He has hired a forensic accountant because he freely admits he doesn't understand the codes and is claiming ignorance and not poor ethics.

That may be as well and true but after meeting with Nancy Pelosi (who is thought to have begged for him to step down from the chairman position only), Mr. Rangel refuses to abdicate the chair of the Ways and Means Committee. The reason why the Democrats want him to step down? I can make a fairly educated guess.

Either the Democrats feel that he is a crook or is it perhaps that Mr. Rangel possesses no qualifications to have this position in the first place? I'm thinking it's the latter (although it may be some of the former too). God knows he's not the first politician, Dem or Republican to cheat the government out of taxes.

My bigger question is how do the Democrats put someone like him in that position in the first place? I have nothing against Mr. Rangel but it is painfully obvious that he possesses no extraordinary experience nor insight on tax code. You're telling me that there was no one else in the House with tangible tax experience? That's pretty hard to swallow.

Unfortunately, the Democrats run their party like a big union. Talent has nothing to do with advancement. It's how many years you've played the game and how many favors you've extended over the years. Charlie is a big rah-rah guy and this was a way for the Dems to reward him. Pathetic. Unfortunately, the Democrats are asking us to make a similar choice in electing Obama this November...lot's of style...seems like a really nice guy...but in what way is he even qualified to become president? He has passed little to no legislation of his own, has no history of bipartisanship and has not illuminated specifics on any of his ideas that he is trying to sell.

We'll get plenty of Hope and Change though. We just have no idea what that is.

McCain on the other hand is an enigma in the Republican party. Most hard line conservatives can't stand him because they see him as too liberal. That is nonsense too. McCain is his own man, has a history of working across the aisle with Democrats (feel free to google "Gang of 14") and makes decisions based upon good old common sense (not polls). His decisions won't always be popular nor always will follow party line. That's a good thing and exactly what this country needs.

I've talked about this before, but I feel if we don't move more towards the center and cleave off the nuts on the extremes of both parties, we're heading towards doom. I can almost guarantee you that McCain's longtime buddy and former Dem (until the party turned on him) Joe Liebermann will get a prominent appointment in his cabinet. Not because McCain owes Joe anything, it's that he believes in Joe's sensability on issues and will rely on his experience. The Republicans will cry about this but too fucking bad, Joe will be an asset to McCain. Democrats cry about Sarah Palin's experience as a small state (population wise, I guess) governor of Alaska. Last I checked governors make the best executives and the last Dem president was one certain Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Does a Governor of Arkansas somehow garner more experience than one in Alaska. I find that laughable.

So, it comes down to experience and substance over ideas and style...

Give me the experience and substance any day of the week. The Democrats should be embarrassed that they are going to lose an election that should have been a slam dunk with any experienced moderate candidate.


Hail Mary 188, FlavorFools 121.

Bluey's Hail Mary bounced back from its' Week 1 loss with a vengeance, posting a 188-121 victory over Flave's FlavorFools this past weekend.

The Hail Mary were led by solid weeks by Brandon Marshall (18 catches, 45 points), Calvin Johnson, Brian Westbrook and Clinton Portis.

Next up... Bluey's Hail Mary @ B's Blicious squad.


More "First Eggs"

On September 8th, we got a first egg from one of our Barred Rock hens (either Salt or Pepa).

On the 10th, we added another first egg by one of our Rhode Island Red hens (probably Cinnamon). It was a whopper (2nd from the left).

Now, we think that all four 23 week pullets are laying eggs (except maybe the still undersized Ginja).

So, we are now getting 2-3 eggs per day which is awesome! And that huge egg from 9/10 (pictured) turned out to be our first double yolker!

Uh-Oh..."Non-Enlightened Woman" On Brink Of VP!

The National Organization of Women is a sham...just like the NAACP is as well. You see, these organizations don't really support women or African-Americans...they support liberals. They are organizations built by men-hating dykes and racist enablers. Neither group has their supposed constituency's best interests in mind.

If they did, Condi Rice would be hailed as a pioneer and hero and she isn't. That is an absolute embarassment to BOTH organizations.

And Sarah Palin absolutely frightens liberal women because for years liberal women have looked down their noses at "salt of the earth, conservative and independent stay at home moms", considering them ignorant and ultimately controlled by men. They looked to a day when a liberal woman would rise up, take center stage and lead women out of the "dark ages". They were going to usher women into the 21st century.

There's only one problem with that. They forgot that they needed the other 50% of women's support to do this. In true fashion, by discounting and ignoring conservative women's needs thay have become worse than the men. Now, a strong and gifted conservative woman has stepped forward. Will these women support her? Some will. Most are already using male derived stereotypes to decry her ability to lead. They cite that she won't be able to raise a family and be VP. They deride her experience even though she has more than either Obama or Hillary possess. They blame her for her daughter's early pregnancy. They call her a nasty, lying bitch (maybe not in so many words). They call her a pawn and joke put forth by the Republicans as a cheap ploy to get women's votes.

I find it truly disgusting and what they are really mad at is Obama's inability to patch things up with Hillary and put her on the ticket. Instead, he picked an intellectually tired good old boy for VP, who represents everything that is wrong with career politicians. The guy in 20 years has never been able to garner anything but minimal support in his own party as a presidential candidate. But Obama, in the end, couldn't swallow his pride and chose to cut Hillary loose. That, was Obama discounting liberal women due to an overblown image of himself. He erroneously thought he could carry their support by himself. That was a fatal mistake that WILL cost the Dems the election, mark my words...

If women want to do the right thing, they will support Governor Palin even if they don't vote for McCain for President. I find it extremely ugly and distasteful to see women tearing each other down and questioning each other's capacity to serve in government. That, is what always seems to set women back...their non-support of each other when it counts.

And maybe one day, liberal women will finally get it and stop discounting conservative women as inferior to men and themselves. I think Governor Palin is going to teach them a hard lesson on that front.

Now, women, go out and give Condi Rice the props that she deserves. I am ashamed at how she is ignored and goes unpraised even though she serves our proud nation as a truly capable Secretary of State. She's so good at it, I actually forget the fact that she is a woman. No woman has ever served in that capacity before, dealing with foreign dignitaries in some of the most challenging arenas (such as the Middle East where women are more discounted than anywhere in the world) and during some of the most tenuous times.

Condi...you rock!!! Sarah...you too!!!

Addendum: An interesting Sept 16th article in the WSJ, "Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin"


Brio 134, Bluey's Hail Mary 107

Well, just like last season, the Hail Mary drops the first game of the season to Brio. Last year, the Hail Mary missed the playoffs by one game to Brio.
That is not exactly the good juju Bluey wanted to start the new season with. Next up on the schedule, Bedrock's own...Mr Flava Flintstone's Flavorfools....


Wicked Tickets - Tuesday, Sept 9

Anybody interested in Wicked tickets for tomorrow's show at the Benedum theatre in Pittsburgh?

I have a pair of tickets for $50 total available in the 2nd Tier, row V, right center section.

Contact me by email if interested.

1 Month Old Kittens!

Luna's kittens are 1 month old today. They are absolutely adorable and very active.

They just got started on kitten chow and should be ready for adoption by the end of September for anybody interested.

Here is a picture of the little furballs. Feel free to reserve your new kitty today!

First come, first served!


The Hoopie Coop: Significant Upgrade

The Hoopie Coop that my Father-in-Law grilled me for and named last year has received a makeover.

The Hoopie Coop pretty much started out as my first temporary coop and was nothing more than Aussie's old bedframe with some chicken wire wrapped around it. Although this city boy was originally proud of his ingenuity, Tay's Dad immediately took me down a peg by laughing at it and coining the name, calling it a "real hoopie coop".

This past weekend, I converted the Hoopie Coop into a brooder/coop for Churkey and her three baby chicks.

Enjoy the pictures! I think I did a pretty admirable job on it and Churkey and the chicks seem to like it.

I guess I'll have to wait for Tay's Dad to weigh in on my new coop creation.


Aussie Takes Home The Gold!

Our family went to the fair tonight to see Loni's high school band perform their musical routine.

The fair was pretty much the same as every other year. I was a little bitter that there was no "Miscellaneous Farm Structures" category that I could enter my chicken coop in, but we still came home with blue ribbons.

Aussie won three blue ribbons for photography and added a pair of 2nd place ribbons as well. Awesome job!

On a side note, Tay had to drive home because I spent too much time in the "huffing paint" booth....

2008 Bluey's Hail Mary

Here is the Hail Mary's 2nd year roster. After a bittersweet inaugural year (9-5, missed playoffs), the Hail Mary hope to capture the WashPA FFL crown this season...

QB Favre, Brett NYJ
QB Manning, Eli NYG

RB Portis, Clinton WAS
RB Rice, Ray BAL
RB Stewart, Jonathan CAR
RB Taylor, Fred JAC
RB Westbrook, Brian PHI

WR Colston, Marques NOS
WR Gaffney, Jabar NEP
WR Gonzalez, Anthony IND
WR Johnson, Calvin DET
WR Marshall, Brandon DEN
WR White, Roddy ATL

TE Clark, Dallas IND
K Crosby, Mason GBP
DT New England Patriots

This week's game: Bluey's Hail Mary vrs Brio

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