Yet Another Obama Incompetent

Where does the Obama administration come up with its' merry band of incompetents.

In the first place, a person on the terror watch list gets placed on the no-fly list based on information given by his OWN father. Somehow, he is still able to board the plane because the Dept. of Homeland Security and the State Dept. can't get their heads out of their own asses for two minutes to do their jobs updating new information.

Secondly, these retards then have the gall to tell us afterwards that the system worked. Which I guess means that flyers are responsible for defusing terror incidents on board for themselves.

Then, we are told that it's Bush's fault since his systems are still in place. It's funny how as bad as Bush is portrayed to be, we were safe for eight years. If the Dems thought Bush's systems were so bad, is there any particular reason that a year wasn't enough time to replace them? Or is it that the folks in place haven't a clue as to what they are doing?

I choose the latter.

Janet Napolitano says "Derrrrrrrrr!!!"

Honestly, if you are a Democrat who voted for Obama, and you are still riding this train wreck of an administration, you get what you deserve.

We now have a terrorist who knows of others trained with him that has been given Miranda rights instead of being interrogated for possible knowledge of other plots thanks to Eric Holder and another band of retards giving out American rights' like M&Ms from a candy jar.

Now we have no idea if anything is coming next because our terrorist has "the right to remain silent". How convenient. That's an excellent call by the injustice department.

Admittedly, it seemed that Bush made some egregious errors in returning Gitmo Yemenis back home. And what is this administration still saying? It's Bush's fault (which is true), but we HAVE to close Gitmo and are sending the rest of the Yemenis home anyway.

Today, we find out that a post 9/11 system was in place to warn other planes pilots at the time while they were in the air. It wasn't followed either. So, theoretically, if we had another muliple plane plot, no other pilots were even warned.

These folks haven't a clue as to what they are doing. No fucking clue...


Christmas +1 Peeps!

Churkey hatched two eggs the day after Christmas in single digit weather. The peeps are doing fine and dandy with Mom keeping them warm in the garage.

Here is a picture of Blitzen and Vixen!

I don't normally allow Churkey to sit on eggs in the winter time, but she was pretty adamant and we lost two hens (Salt, a Barred Rock and Barbie, an Easter Egger) this fall. I figured we could use a couple of replacements.

I guess we'll wait to see if they will be egg layers or roasters!


Senate Passes ObamaCare

Merry Christmas to America from your wonderful politicians!

Probably the worst pile of crap legislation we will see in our lifetime.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama each dropped a steaming turd on us in the name of nationalizing healthcare.

25 million will still be uncovered at what we best a cost of countless trillions when all is said and done.

...and our Fed may be hiding the fact that no one wants to buy our debt anymore. Is it any wonder?

Bring on Cap and Tax, Porkulus II and god knows what other hundreds of billions in government spending. Did anybody notice how much liberal pork went into the defense bill passed last week? Nothing like transparency and an end to earmarks.

A bowel movement that we can believe in! Al Franken turned out to be the laxative the Dems needed to pass their stool.


Kitty's Trip to the Mellon Arena

My youngest daughter, Kitty, loves going to see the Penguins play. She loves it when the Pens win, but her favorite thing seems to be the fights.

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

We watched the Pens demolish the Senators 8-2 on the strength of a Evgeny Malkin hat trick and 2 goal performance by Billy Guerin.

The Pens gave out black Christmas stockings as a giveaway, but most of them found the ice after the hat trick.

We got plenty of practice singing the "WooHoo" song as the Pens scored 5 goals in the 2nd period right below us, to break a 1-1 tie.

do do do do do do do do do do do do....WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!


Are You Aware That You Are Being Violated At The Grocery Store?

I bet you didn't even have to bend over and grab your ankles at the checkout counter. Food companies and grocery stores have been tag teaming you behind your back...er, or more likely right in front of your face.

Take these two jars of Skippy peanut butter. They are to the naked eye, identical in size and shape.

What it's missing is the following:


You see, the difference between the two is a hidden hollowed out bottom cavity that is invisible unless you turn it over and have the old one to compare it to. Now, this Skippy change isn't a new one. It dates back a few years. But companies in droves are routinely changing portion sizes while keeping packaging sizes constant in a stealth attempt to raise prices. I mean, honestly, Skippy could have helped supermarkets save shelf space, but they chose instead to provide you with a free cereal bowl when you turn over the jar.

Last week, Tay made couscous. She had an old box and a new box she purchased recently. She came into the livingroom with both boxes to show me. The two boxes were absolutely identical. One had 12.25 oz and the second box had 6.5 oz...ALMOST A 50% REDUCTION AT THE SAME GREAT PRICE!

So, I've been paying attention now when I go to the store and the practice is widespread on almost all items.

The thing that kills me isn't the bump up in prices. It's how the industry has chosen to raise prices. I guess they really think that we are all THAT stupid. At least they should be honest and post the changes on the label.






The FACCC at the Christmas Parade

We've all been to our local Christmas parades. You know, the ones where local businesses, area high school bands, dancing schools, emergency departments (fire, police, ambulance) and town locals take their vehicles, floats and shoes to the streets to celebrate the holiday season.

Children gather on both sides of the streets as the parade participants throw candy for them to enjoy. My kids have enjoyed these types of parades since they were toddlers and I've always thought that they were a nice way to kick off the Christmas season.

Two weeks ago, my daughter, Loni, took to the streets as part of the parade in her high school's marching band's procession. We got there and took a place near the beginning of the parade route. The night was cold and crisp but it only added to the ambiance.

Then, enter the FACCC...

Four chubby sub 5 foot tall middle aged women (see picture above for size approximation) with 2 children between them were standing on the curb in front of us. I didn't think anything of it initially. They seemed to be typical middle class Americans and dressed modestly. Nothing about them would have suggested anything out of the norm.

Until the candy started flying, that is...

Usually when the candy gets thrown, the adults will remain on the curb and the children in the audience will move a few feet into the street to grab candy as it is thrown their way. Certainly, not a replacement for Halloween, but enough for the kids to enjoy for the night and maybe a day or two. The candy is usually low quality such as simple lollipops, jolly ranchers, tootsie rolls...you get the picture! Just pocket candy.

The four short rotund women burst into the street with plastic bags. They gather all the candy in sight as they more than meet their quota of bending over for the year. They take every piece of candy that hits the ground in a 12 foot space, even in front of their own children. I stand there shocked and amazed as my children can't even squeeze in to get more than one piece each. I don't think my youngest daughter, Kitty, even got a piece at all! Bebis got a piece because one of their husband's lightning hand picked up a piece right ahead of her. Bebis muttered under her breath and I think he felt embarrassed and offered it to her.

I stood by in awe and was shocked at what I was seeing. I was speechless. Usually, I'd say something but I actually became embarrassed for them as they piled the penny candy into plastic Walmart bags. My kids are twelve to sixteen years of age, so they really were only interested in a piece or two to enjoy during the parade. Given the festive setting, I decided against making a scene and looked on in horror and amusement as they performed their human vaccuum cleaner impression producing burgeoning bags of treats.

Then, when I didn't think it could get any worse, they started a conversation in which they were complaining about the people across the street getting more candy thrown their way. As they protested to the parade participants, my mind was yelling out...


Thankfully, the parade didn't last more than a half hour as I couldn't tear my eyes away from the disgusting scene. I don't think I've ever seen such an embarrassing display in my life.

As we drove home, I muttered under my breath...

"The Fat Assed Candy Collector's Club"

Tay knew exactly what I was talking about and chuckled. I let the girls in on the secret and they all gave their individual accounts of their impressions.

To this day, I am still embarrassed by what I saw and wonder if these women have any idea as to how they would come across to anyone around them? I would imagine that they do this every year...pathetic...

Merry Christmas?


Kitty's Snowman

My youngest daughter, Kitty, took advantage of our half an inch of snowfall to construct own first snowman of the year on our back deck. She made him so cute with raisins for eyes and a carrot nose!

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