Minnie and Pearl Out With Churkey!

Finally, we're getting some snow melt here with the temperature ringing in the 40's.

Today marks a month since the Feb 5th/6th blizzard ended. In some ways it seemed like a year!

We lost power and water for three days, ran out of propane for the furnace last week, during the mini-storm that made our driveway impassable and ran out of wood under the porch for the woodburner a day later.

We had another store of wood in the fire pit area but it was covered with 4 feet of piled snow. We had to dig it out and carry it to the basement when the Big Red got stuck in the snow.

Jeez, what a month! I'm glad to see it end. Apparently Churkey feels the same way, as she strutted out her 10 week old chicks for a stroll.

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LiLi said...

Hey, you used my name suggestions! I feel like a proud aunt!

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