Charlie Rangel, (D-NY), House Chairman of the Ways and Means Commission.

That means that he is in control of the administration of all tax bills written in the federal legislative branch. That is even an oversimplification of his role.

Problem is, he knows absolutely jackshit about his job.

In the past few years he's come up on tax evasion charges related to properties that he "forgot he owns" and didn't pay taxes on them as well as an assortment of other tax issues.

His response? He said he didn't understand the tax code and made an honest mistake.

Hello? This guy, not only a fucking tax dodging cheat, also claims ignorance to the process for which his chairmanship is based?

Surely, he would have been forced to resign his chairmanship at the very least and be faced to answer ethical violations for knowingly hiding wealth from the federal government.


Now, today, it comes out that the guy received trips to the Caribbean paid for by unnamed corporate sources. A direct violation of House ethics, and you know what his response was? Here is an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal:

After several months of investigation, the ethics panel determined Mr. Rangel didn't inform the ethics committee of the corporate source of funds for trips that took place in 2007 and 2008. The panel determined his staff knew the trips were paid for by corporations, and found that Mr. Rangel—who says he didn't know—should still be held accountable, officials said.



Mr. Rangel, central player in Congress on tax and health care legislation, called a news conference late Thursday and said there is "nothing in the record" to indicate he knew the source of funding for the trips, and questioned whether members of Congress should be held accountable for errors by their staff, the Associated Press reported.

Of course there is "nothing in the record" implicating him. This guy is a crook and the lowest of low scumbags.

He has the audacity once again to feign ignorance.

Usually, when people go on expensive trips, they know who is paying for them. Charlie must have just assumed that he fucking "owns the Caribbean"!

And who does he blame? His staffers. That's a real class move. He basically outed the people that have to put up with him on a daily basis as a bunch of dumbasses that just don't know better.

Of course once again, he'll escape any liability from the Democrat controlled Ethics committee. Some people are pushing for him to give up his chairmanship of the Ways and Means.

He should of lost that last time. This guy should be asked to step down as House Rep for the State of New York and charges against him should be pressed.

How can we expect any sort of meaningful change in Washington, when we do nothing to reign in it's biggest scumbags?

We truly get what we deserve.

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Anonymous said...

All it is, is criminals backing criminals. That is the government of today. They're all selfish Scumbags only in office to rob the taxpayers for personal wealth. I think he should be in jail today for this. Fucking polititions! I should run for office so the taxpayers could pay for my ManCave.


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