McCain/Palin Rally: Washington, PA

Tay and I took our daughters to the McCain/Palin Rally today. Not, only did the girls snap all these wonderful pictures but they also got to shake hands with John and Cindy McCain, Sarah and Todd Palin and their families. All in all ,a great day....enjoy the pictures!


Hillary Throws Obama Under The Bus!

Wow! Obama was backstabbed by the Clintons...

Last night, Hillary's speech was more about her own achievements and those of women than about Obama last night. After McCain's commercial containing Hillary's primary comments (John McCain is an experienced leader and Obama gave a speech in 2002...), she really needed to come out and say that Obama has the experience and ability to lead this country....

She never said it...and it speaks volumes to what the Clintons really believe. Bill also made similar comments earlier about candidates X (one who has much experience but has different ideas) and Y (one who has no experience and has similar ideas), where he intimated that he would favor X (McCain) but then backtracked and said that he wasn't necessarily referring to the presidential race.

Oh, sure, Hillary came out many times and said that she preferred that her voters vote for Mr. Obama and that she was on his side, but she never endorsed him as capable. In fact, she made no personal recommendations as to his abilities whatsoever. That is troubling because it suggests that Hillary wants another shot in FOUR years (after a presumed Obama loss) and not in EIGHT years. She called McCain a dear friend and towed the party line to claim that he was four more years of Bush, but did nothing to discredit his ability to lead.

I would have never believed last night's speech if I didn't hear it with my own ears. I'm sure the Obama camp is livid and I'm perplexed that they'd even let Bill Clinton speak at all. If i was running Obama's campaign, I'd pull him so fast, it would make his head spin.

Hillary fucked Obama...plain and simple. It was dirty politics in my opinion and she did her best to thwart his candidacy while appearing to support him to the party. It was cold and calculated and made to make her end up smelling like a rose for 2012, while doing the absolute minimum for Obama in 2008. She didn't even mention the commercial nor did she refute it....


I don't care how Democrats will spin it, but Hillary may have singlehandedly cost Obama the election. Okay, selecting Joe Biden didn't exactly help Obama either but animosity within the party between the two primary candidates will be the reason that the Dems miss out on what should have been a slam dunk on the presidency....

I won't shed any tears....


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I saw "The Clone Wars" today and thought it was extraordinarily better than either of the first two Star Wars sequels (which I basically slept through). I thought that the animation was awesome and the movie was an extremely fast paced and fun jaunt to kick off the Clone Wars saga. I was quite shocked to see the lukewarm reviews. This picture was everything that it promised and more.

Of course, I am no Star Wars geek but I think the kids are going to love this series, despite what the retarded and jaded Star Wars elitist critics say. You gotta figure that whenever anyone releases anything Star Wars, the mass of geeks are going to overanalyze it and hate it on principal because it doesn't fit "their" vision of what it should be. I guess everybody seems to be a junior Lucas...

My buddy, Dave, directed this film and spent a huge amount of time with its' creation as well as the cartoon series which will follow. Bravo to you Dave! Great film!

I attended the film with Dave's brother (who incidentally managed to get some of his popcorn in his mouth)!


Women's Beach Volleyball

Honestly, is there really a better sport to watch out there, if you're a guy?

Ultra competitive and uber caliente...

Misty May and Kerri Walsh kicked ass as usual and looked pretty damned good doing it...especially in the rain soaked final.

It was almost as if God, himself, brought the downpour for us guys to enjoy!

Now, if we can only figure out how to change the sand to jello....

Hoochie Mama!!!

Proof that Jesus loves us, indeed!


Trapped: The Premiere

Well, Gavo unveiled his dramatic thriller "Trapped" tonight at a premiere showing at the Southside Works Cinema in Pittsburgh.

The film was very entertaining and had plot twists out the wazoo. The dialogue was extremely interesting and the movie seemed to have a black comedy bent to it that made it very engrossing.

Of course, the film had much of Gavo's twisted stamp on it and the acting was very impressive with many interesting characters and plotlines.

Of course, I made my cinematic debut in the cameo part of the MexaFlora Mob Boss. I got to beg for my life, get shot in the face and then get diemboweled and used as a flower vase all in the span of about 10 seconds in a flashback.

"I made him beg for his life and then I shot that fat fuck right in his face". Damn, I almost pissed myself when I saw the finished scene.

Props to Gavo, Hamdog, Ron and all of the others involved in the making of this movie. I was truly impressed with the finished product. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it again.

Here is the first write-up on the movie by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/s_583590.html


Just Married!

Well, Tay has done it...

She is now a lifer. She has been sentenced to a lifetime of putting up with me or at least until she... snaps!

Today, Tay and I got hitched in a small private ceremony with our daughters. Tay's Dad and his wife also were present as witnesses. There has been no reports verifying accounts that Tay's Dad was carrying a shotgun...

We're off to the mountains of West Virginia for a weekend honeymoon at the Canaan Valley Mountain Resort.

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes!


Three's Company!

Easter Egger Peep # 3 was hatched yesterday! That leaves one egg remaining...

So far we've got a nice mix of colors, each a predominantly brown, yellow and grey with other colors mixed in.

When grown, Easter Egger pullets will lay blue/green eggs... hence the name!

And we are planning on keeping a rooster this time...
Here's momma Churkey with her three hatchlings left to right in hatch order....


We've Got A Second Peep!

Tonight, Peep #2 was hatched...

Here he/she is, two more to go...

Here are the first two peeps hiding in the underground bunker called "Mom"!


Our First Hatch!

Tonight, our first Easter Egger peep was hatched by our broody hen, Churkey. She's sitting on three more.

Upon hearing the news today, my youngest daughter, Kitty, who brought Churkey (in background) home as a peep last year, had this to say...

"ahhhhhhhhyeeee hiyeeeeehiyee!!!! OMG!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhyeeee hiyeeeeehiyee!!!! OMG!!!!!!!Im a grandmother!!!!!!"


Upcoming Nuptuals....

Just to let everyone know.... Tay and I are tying the knot next Friday, August 15th in a private ceremony with our daughters.

We'll be off for a weekend honeymoon in West Virginia followed by our family honeymoon in November, a Disney cruise with all of the girls.

So, this time next week... Bluey will be a married man!


We Got More Kittens!!!

Well, god knows we tried to get Luna spayed....

Unfortunately, a combination of events prevented this, including the Humane Society giving us an appointment 2 months into the future (next time she goes to the vet) and then as she was going to her appointment (which turned out to be too late anyway), Luna kicked Tay's ass when tay tried to get her into the car....


So. here we are with five beautiful kittens born early this morning...

2 black, 3 tiger striped....

If anyone is looking for a kitten in the next 7-8 weeks, feel free to reserve your kitten today.

Churkey's clutch of eggs is due to hatch next week as well, so just like this spring, we will simultaneously have baby chicks and kitties again.

I can't shake the sense of deja vu...


Bush Hogging

Well, I finally did my first work on a tractor as I bush hogged Tay's lower 5 acres. Pretty much glorified mowing on 6 foot weeds but a lot of fun! Here I am slaying the mighty weeds!

My Mom will probably have a fit when she sees her son driving farm equipment. This picture is for her. "Look Ma! No hands!!!"....

All in all, a wonderful first experience working with farm equipment. Now, if I can only get Tay's dad to teach me how to work the backhoe, I can start digging all those holes I promised for future daughter boyfriends!

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