District 9 Stole Two Hours of My Life!

Oh my God, I just wasted two hours of my life! What a horrendous movie. Every once in awhile a movie is released with tons of fanfare and bamboozles the masses. This is one of those movies. The only thing I can imagine is that it is hailed as some sort of allegory on racism. If that's true, it fails miserably and is downright insulting. Don't waste your time if you haven't already seen it...I was so prepared to love this movie, but the story seemed like it came out of the mind of an eight year old. I can't believe peter Jackson associated himself with this tripe.


So, if the fine folks of South Africa made contact with an alien race with technology that far exceeds our own, they'd herd them all together, make no attempt to "connect" with them other than by "evil medical experimentation". Somehow, they''d learn their language, but nothing about their culture or where they came from. Not to mention that no nations other than South Africa would even become involved in the process of housing them.

They'd treat them like children and zoo animals and place them in a walled ghetto with free access to dangerous regional warlords, who apparently trade cat food for alien weapons. You heard it right...they allow the aliens to keep all of their dangerous weapons (not to mention the command module of the mothership, which in 28 years is never found?), or that we have to assume they are building weapons from scratch from garbage and used tin cans or whatever the local warlord gives them (like all the random computer parts).

The aliens are obviously extremely intelligent and dangerous. The movie's super simple plot line involves the relocation of the aliens a couple of miles down the road to...get this...District 10!. No, I am not kidding you.

Officials naively walk up to the dangerous aliens in order to get their signatures to move them, uh, right after flame broiling their babies right in front of them? If you are flame torching their babies, why are you worrying about getting their okay on relocation?

This movie was so incredibly ridiculous and childishly conceived, it's laughable. Does humankind even worry that with the alien technology, another ship arriving to our planet would probably have the capacity to wipe us out? Duh....but I guess we're all a bunch of mad, alien killing retards on this planet...

Notice to alien species...humans only have the capacity to treat your race with dignity for a few years. By year 28, we'll be murdering them and their babies, but we'll have them fill out the proper forms before we do!

Whoa...that IS deep....lol....like two feet of shit deep...


"Obama Joker" Is Offensive

As much as I disagree with President Barack Obama's policies, I can't take folks seriously when they carry around the picture on the left with Mr. Obama done up as the Joker from "The Dark Knight" movie.

US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said "I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it". I get a pit in my stomach and feel the same way about racism when I see images of the white-face Obama on protest signs. It just doesn't smell right at all. C'mon people, you are better than that.

Lets drop this nonsensical image and concentrate on the issues. God knows there's enough of them without introducing race into the mix. God, I hate even posting this picture on my blog...


First Day Free Ranging!

Churkey's December 26th hatchlings were finally ready for prime time today as we had a nice warm day and there were no longer the extra roosters to harrass them!

At about 4 weeks old, the pair enjoyed stretching their legs outside for the first time and go from the brooder cage in the garage to officially free ranging chickens. Mom showed them how to find bugs and both enjoyed their first worms!

Names are pending. Feel free to offer suggestions.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...Whatcha Gonna Do?

Two abusive roosters became roasters today much to the relief of all of our hens. They had poor Ginja on the brink of exhaustion. The poor gal wouldn't even return to the coop at night... Bambi (left-6mos) and Orpy (right-9mos) finally pushed the hens too far and they will now become tonight and Tuesday's dinner!


Liar, Liar!

This woman was absolutely prepared to push through the Senate version of the ObamaCare bill in the House right on the heels of the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts.

Much like her claim that failure of passing the stimulus bill was going to result in 500 million jobs lost (there are only 300+M people in the entire US), Nancy isn't too good at math. With large groups of progressives and Stupak ammendment Democrats, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they would lose more than 4 votes trying to pass it. I'm guessing that they are at least 30-40 votes short.

Just yesterday, she claimed that they would move forward regardless. Today, she's saying there is no rush. What a moron! Silence is better than outright ignorance, Nancy.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she lacks the votes to quickly move the Senate's sweeping health overhaul bill through the House, a potentially devastating blow to President Barack Obama's signature issue.

Pelosi, D-Calif., made the comment to reporters after House Democrats held a closed-door meeting at which participants vented frustration with the Senate's massive version of the legislation.

Her concession meant there was little hope for a White House-backed plan to quickly push the Senate-approved health bill through the House, followed by a separate measure making changes sought by House members, such as easing the Senate's tax on higher-cost health plans. Such an approach would be "problematic," she said.

"In its present form without any changes I don't think it's possible to pass the Senate bill in the House," Pelosi said, adding, "I don't see the votes for it at this time."

Pelosi's remarks signaled that advancing health legislation through Congress will likely be a lengthy process — despite Democrats' desire for a quick election-year pivot to address jobs and the economy, which polls show are the public's top concern.

"We're not in a big rush," Pelosi said. "Pause, reflect."


What Can Brown Do For You? A Massachusetts Miracle!

Scott Brown (R) did what was thought to be impossible last night.

As a Republican/Independent, he won the Senate seat claimed by Democrats to be Ted Kennedy's seat.

In doing this, he has, in effect, thwarted the irresponsible ObamaCare bill and will also put an end to dreams of a whole host of bad bills such as Cap and Trade, Stimulus III, Amnesty for Illegals, etc..., not to mention granting terrorists the rights of US citizens.

Americans, as judged by the reaction by voters in blue state, Massachusetts, have finally decided that enough was enough.

Praise Jesus!

This is not to say that Democrats won't continue to press on these bad bills and ram ObamaCare down our throats, but now we know what the ramifications of these actions will be.

It's a great day for America!


Obama's Goose Cooked: Blame Al Franken?

Obviously, Barack Obama has no one to blame but himself, but I'll make the claim that Al Franken provided the ignition to Obama's Titanic collapse. Well, even I admit, that is a bunch of bullshit.

Elected in on a wave of optimism and a thirst for change, Americans chose to look past the fact that President Obama had zero experience tangible to the presidency. No executive experience, less than a year in the Senate and never had to make a payroll in his life. He came in promising to be a bipartisan reformer and that the glow of transparency would expose all Washington, DC politicians for the self serving cronies that they were. Interestingly enough, Nancy Pelosi brought a broom into the House of Representatives when she was announced as Speaker of the House, promising to sweep out all the "political debris" and clean up that branch of government.

We were supposed to get a fresh start and a change in the way things are done in Washington DC's inner sanctum.

It never happened.

Although you can make a case that it is Al Franken's fault. I don't think that I believe this. I sort of think that we would have gotten the same result albeit it may have taken much longer to get here. Instead of taking on massive amounts of water early, we probably would have had a slower leak that would have achieved the same result.

My theory is that once Al Franken was announced as the 60th Democratic senator, the Obama administration huddled up and gave up any illusions of bipartisanship. It saw a supermajority as a once in a lifetime chance to push through every piece of garbage legislation they could. Every Democratic wish list was going to come to fruition by hook or by crook, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. The Republicans were powerless to stop them, they figured. Hell, they didn't even invite Republicans into the chambers to craft the bills. They locked the doors and went it alone. The only lip service they gave to Republicans was to complain about them being the "Party of No".

Problem is...they forgot about the American people and what they wanted. The US citizen is who Obama should have been concerned with, not Republicans. Instead, Obama decides to embrace the lunatic far left wing of the party, who disregard US citizens as mouth breather hate monger racists.

They treat Americans as badly as they treat the Republicans.

They bailed out banks, insurers, and the auto industry unions. They passed a stimulus bill laden with every perceivable Democrat wish list item even though Obama promised to go through the bills line by line and veto earmarks. They passed Cap and Trade in the House in order for Obama to look good in Copenhagen for the Climate meeting. It failed miserably and the bill is almost unpassable as written in the Senate. Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, decided to try terrorists, starting with KSM in American courts and granted them the rights of US citizens. He offered us no real reasoning for doing this. I guess Americans aren't smart enough to know the difference. Then came healthcare, the largest piece of garbage that US legislation has ever seen. To get it passed, so many Democratic special interests and politicians had to be bribed just to support it.

And as each cog was added to the machine, concerned Americans started taking to the streets. Just a handful here and there at first, then little by little the Tea Party movement was born and started to grow as spending pushed into the trillions.

Did the President address their concerns? Nope, not at first. First, Obama turned the mainstream media and his staff on them. Calling old men and ladies, stay at home moms, students and many of the middle class who showed up to protest: astroturf of the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. Nancy Pelosi had very unkind words for them. Liberal TV talking heads started calling them "teabaggers". Never thought I'd see the day, that mainstream television would use the term teabagger on the news. Janet Napolitano said that the biggest threat to national security would be our own returning GI's who could be recruited into some sort of ultra right wing army.

I can go on and on and cite so many more Obama administration folks who said similar things. It's truly embarrassing.

The supermajority went to Obama's head and now he's hit an iceberg called Scott Brown, the soon to be senator of Massachusetts, who will replace Ted Kennedy. Democrats are aghast that a Republican is on the verge of winning a senate seat in a place that there hasn't been a sitting Republican senator since the 70's.

But, just like a drunk who is convinced that one more drink will cure the hangover, they look for other ways to push through a healthcare bill that doesn't even garner 40% of the popular vote. Instead, they blame Martha Coakley for not campaigning correctly or not being a good enough candidate. Maybe they are right as Martha makes a comment that the Taliban is no longer in Afghanistan on a day that Kabul is burning from a Taliban offensive. But, in fairness to Coakley, I'd say that Obama is the anchor sinking her campaign.

Even now, Democrats don't see the writing on the wall. The CNN, MSNBC and major networks are presenting this election as angry voters tired of corruption in the state. Under no circumstance is this election a referendum on Obama. Well, they can delude themselves all they want. We know the truth. So do they. They talk about it in the backrooms, believe me.

Scott Brown will win and thwart healthcare, whether by his vote or in a groundswell to fight ObamaCare through the courts.

And in November 2010, a huge amount of Democrats are going to lose their jobs. Not because the Republicans are better candidates but simply because the Democrats decided to shit on rank and file Americans in 2009 to push their agendas, no matter what the cost (jobs, higher taxes).

Americans don't like being railroaded.

Prepare for a major shitstorm on Tuesday and in 2010.

You deserve it!


Say What You Want About Fox News...

The simple fact of the matter is that across the cable new networks, America clearly prefers Fox News by HUGE margins even though the Democrats will have you believe that Conservatism and the Republican Party is dead in the U.S. These numbers (pulled from this past Monday) are apparently indicative of what the numbers have been like for the past eight years. Even if you add up the liberal leaning cable news networks, in many cases they don't touch the ratings on Fox News.

I actually found this to be pretty shocking because I would have believed that people just don't care about issues that are purposefully not covered on left leaning news networks. I'm surprised that many of the liberal pundits are able to stay employed while routinely getting their asses kicked on a nightly basis.

This definitely restores my faith in the overall intelligence of news watchers. I watch the other news channels from time to time and find them to be incredibly lacking and downright insulting. Lazy journalism runs rampant on these networks that mainly broadcast the news that is presented to them as fact. Investigative journalism has been replaced by personal smears and attacks. Sometimes, it is even directed at fellow liberals, such as Joe Liebermann's wife when Joe failed to fall in line on ObamaCare.

Keith Olbermann is a pretentious jackass and Rachel Maddow... I get it...you're gay and feel that anyone who doesn't support the gay right cause of the day, is a bigoted moron. They both claim that the Tea Party movement is funded by Big Pharma/Insurance companies. They also believe that conservatives are a pack of racists for disagreeing with our president's policies. Now, I expect this sort of nonsense from ignoramus Janeanne Garafolo, but it is downright embarrassing coming from a news anchor. Hard to believe that an idea like that doesn't garner them huge ratings. Chris Matthews is an Obama lapdog much like that of the main networks, NBC, CBS and ABC.

Ratings like these show that not all Americans have drank the Kool-Aid and that a growing number are starting to sober up.

As someone who has to read news all day, it's heartening to see folks waking up. When the Soviet Union's Pravda newspaper starts covering stories (see Climategate) that our mainstream media ignores, I find that to be incredibly embarrassing.

25-54 demographic: (L +SD)

Total day: FNC: 418 | CNN: 132 | MSNBC: 95 | HLN: 145

Prime: FNC: 742 | CNN: 166 | MSNBC: 207 | HLN: 205




































































Data by Nielsen Media Research. Live and same day (DVR) data.


Bebis Turns 15!

We celebrated Bebis' 15th birthday at Red Robin last night.

Ol' Red himself showed up to greet her at the door.

We had a great time and stuffed ourselves so full, that we didn't even have room for the cookie cake!

Happy birthday Bebis!

Reeeeeeeeeeeeed Robin!!!


BioShock: Welcome To Rapture!

I am Andrew Ryan and I am here to ask you a question:
Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

No, says the man in Washington; it belongs to the poor.
No, says the man in the Vatican; it belongs to God.
No, says the man in Moscow; it belongs to everyone.

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something
different. I chose the impossible. I chose...

A city where the artist would not fear the censor.
Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality.
Where the great would not be constrained by the small.
And with the sweat of your brow,
Rapture can become
your city as well.
— Andrew Ryan

I spent the New Year's three day weekend immersed in the underwater city of Rapture after picking up BioShock for the Xbox360. All I can say is...Wow! What a great game.

Set in an Ayn Rand dystopian Atlantis-like city underwater, this game comes complete with a wonderful back story, an incredible soundtrack of old songs that paint a ghost of the past and an eerie world where you can just roam the city looking at the poster boards, graffiti and other adornments.

Released in 2007, I finally got around to playing this single player title and it did not disappoint. After three sleepless days, I actually lamented finishing this game. Lots of thrills and an odd assortment of characters and a story that just pulls you in. The weapons were really cool and the genetic mutations (plasmids) were a lot of fun to experiment with for different effects.

BioShock gets an A from me and joins Crackdown and Dead Rising as the gems of the past few years. The feel of the game though is unmatched by any other. It really pulls you into its' world and let you live there if for only a brief period of time.

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