District 9 Stole Two Hours of My Life!

Oh my God, I just wasted two hours of my life! What a horrendous movie. Every once in awhile a movie is released with tons of fanfare and bamboozles the masses. This is one of those movies. The only thing I can imagine is that it is hailed as some sort of allegory on racism. If that's true, it fails miserably and is downright insulting. Don't waste your time if you haven't already seen it...I was so prepared to love this movie, but the story seemed like it came out of the mind of an eight year old. I can't believe peter Jackson associated himself with this tripe.


So, if the fine folks of South Africa made contact with an alien race with technology that far exceeds our own, they'd herd them all together, make no attempt to "connect" with them other than by "evil medical experimentation". Somehow, they''d learn their language, but nothing about their culture or where they came from. Not to mention that no nations other than South Africa would even become involved in the process of housing them.

They'd treat them like children and zoo animals and place them in a walled ghetto with free access to dangerous regional warlords, who apparently trade cat food for alien weapons. You heard it right...they allow the aliens to keep all of their dangerous weapons (not to mention the command module of the mothership, which in 28 years is never found?), or that we have to assume they are building weapons from scratch from garbage and used tin cans or whatever the local warlord gives them (like all the random computer parts).

The aliens are obviously extremely intelligent and dangerous. The movie's super simple plot line involves the relocation of the aliens a couple of miles down the road to...get this...District 10!. No, I am not kidding you.

Officials naively walk up to the dangerous aliens in order to get their signatures to move them, uh, right after flame broiling their babies right in front of them? If you are flame torching their babies, why are you worrying about getting their okay on relocation?

This movie was so incredibly ridiculous and childishly conceived, it's laughable. Does humankind even worry that with the alien technology, another ship arriving to our planet would probably have the capacity to wipe us out? Duh....but I guess we're all a bunch of mad, alien killing retards on this planet...

Notice to alien species...humans only have the capacity to treat your race with dignity for a few years. By year 28, we'll be murdering them and their babies, but we'll have them fill out the proper forms before we do!

Whoa...that IS deep....lol....like two feet of shit deep...

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LiLi said...

Cali & I just watched this and felt exactly the same! The previews pulled him in. He thought it was going to be about that large robot thing. It was SO STUPID! Too bad we don't have a blog or we could've warned you!

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