What Can Brown Do For You? A Massachusetts Miracle!

Scott Brown (R) did what was thought to be impossible last night.

As a Republican/Independent, he won the Senate seat claimed by Democrats to be Ted Kennedy's seat.

In doing this, he has, in effect, thwarted the irresponsible ObamaCare bill and will also put an end to dreams of a whole host of bad bills such as Cap and Trade, Stimulus III, Amnesty for Illegals, etc..., not to mention granting terrorists the rights of US citizens.

Americans, as judged by the reaction by voters in blue state, Massachusetts, have finally decided that enough was enough.

Praise Jesus!

This is not to say that Democrats won't continue to press on these bad bills and ram ObamaCare down our throats, but now we know what the ramifications of these actions will be.

It's a great day for America!

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