First Day Free Ranging!

Churkey's December 26th hatchlings were finally ready for prime time today as we had a nice warm day and there were no longer the extra roosters to harrass them!

At about 4 weeks old, the pair enjoyed stretching their legs outside for the first time and go from the brooder cage in the garage to officially free ranging chickens. Mom showed them how to find bugs and both enjoyed their first worms!

Names are pending. Feel free to offer suggestions.


LiLi said...

They are so sweet and fluffy! They look a bit fancy to me, all shiny and new. So I suggest Buffy & Biff.

Bluey said...

We just butchered and ate a Buffy a few months ago. If it helps, I think they are both hens. :)

LiLi said...

I just remembered that this morning! So I thought up two names that are more fun... Bango & Bongo! Or Minnie & Pearl. Or Brad and Angelina. Or Scottro & Dahhling. I could go on all day!

Bluey said...

If it helps, I think they are both girls!

Handyman said...

all right, since these gals are probably destined for the roasting pan, how about Chicken Dish inspired names like, Cordo (short for Cordon Bleu), Parma, Fricka, Ala, Caccia, General Tso...you get the drift.

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