Three Is A Magic Number!

Old Trails swept a tripleheader today 17-2, 12-5 and 15-5 in a makeup win over Roland's. There's nothing quite like pulling off a triple win on one day and what a boost in the standings! (3/8)


Old Trails 21, Rolands 7

In a rain shortened game, we rolled to a 5 inning 21-7 win in the opener as the 2nd game was washed away by the rains. (2/3)


Tay's Homemade Strawberry Jam

Over the past two years, our family is making a real honest effort to be as self sufficient as possible. For Tay's part, she is expanding the canning she does to include much more than tomatoes and pickles. Today, she tried her hand at her first strawberry jam. She ended up with 17 jars. I'm sure she's not 100% happy with it (I think she wanted it to jell a little more), but it sure is tasty! Good job Tay!


Another Federal Bailout?

First the mortgage companies, then the insurers, followed by the banks and the auto companies getting federal bailout money. The federal government, which promises middle and lower class tax cuts, robs from us to pay for these bailouts.

To add insult to injury, many states begin to announce higher taxes on businesses and "the rich" in their states. You get a lot of tough talk from politicians in these states that can't even balance their own books, like California and New York.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that "the rich" will take their businesses to states with lower or non-existent tax rates like Texas or New Hampshire. Why reside in a state that will punitively tax your business just because it is successful? Of course, it won't take long for the jobs to disappear as well.

California is in such dire staits because in addition to chasing business out of the state with record tax rates, it is unwilling to cut any spending programs whatsoever to balance a budget.
The politicians there are on the verge of creating the first state bankruptcy.

Do you think this federal government will allow that? It would probably be best for the state, so that it can renegotiate all of it's current contracts and cut sacred cow social spending programs advocated and protected by the land of fruits and nuts. But, don't be surprised if California receives federal bailout money to keep it going real soon. In other words, the other 49 states' citizens will have to pay for California's unwillingness to stick to a budget. That is patently unfair.

I have an idea for California to raise money. Have it sell chunks of it's land to adjoining states or to the federal government to form a new state, hopefully one that will be more productive with it's resources. Nevada could be squared off and take Los Angeles. Arizona can take lower California and San Diego. Oregon can buy the northern tier of the state.

California could continue to sell itself until it looks like the District of Columbia with San Francisco at its' core. How much of a budget would it need to keep San Francisco going? Not much, I would hope. Then California would be gone and hopefully its' inefficiencies would become irrelevant. As it is, it's a huge white elephant threatening the cost the rest of the US a fortune.

Then, when New York City gets there, have them sell the whole of upstate New York to form a new state as well and D.C.-ize it as well.


T&T 21, Old Trails 10

Due to rainouts, we played T&T a nine inning game that counted as two games and came out on the short end of the stick 21-10 due to very sloppy defensive play. We were just outclassed on this day. (3/5)


Liabetic Update

Big Fat Liar update: Uh-oh...apparently Nancy Pelosi is a self righteous BFL after all! No need to take my word for it. I'm sure now, she'll claim some nonsense and refute this account.

Get her lying ass to a congressional hearing and let her swear under oath. Maybe then, we'll get the truth out of her. But, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that one.


Our New Flag

Being the "redneck, racist teabaggers" that we're portrayed to be solely based on our conservative values, our family has adopted a new American flag that we intend to fly for the entire Obama presidency to voice our opposition over the intrusions this government intends to make in our lives. We want to see a smaller government that preserves our freedoms and allows us to make our own choices in our pursuit of happiness. We do not wish for a government that promises to take care of us from cradle to grave while imposing it's will upon us.
We reject our government's new socialist notion of "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
This flag, our protest to the policies of our new administration and the direction it is moving our great and beloved country.


Split Doubleheader

Our softball team split a doubleheader in our first week of action against the Kopper Kettle squad.

We won the opener 11-9 and lost the nightcap 15-6.

(1-6, RS, 5 flyouts...ouch)

We've got a few new faces this year and should be better.

Now, if I can just get my brother-in-law, Flav back, we'll be all set as our first baseman, Doyle was injured in Game 1.


House Speaker Is A Liabetic

I think it's hilarious that the Congress expects everyone else to tell the truth in its' proceedings but that its' members are allowed to spin tales at any whim once you put them in front of a camera.

Nancy Pelosi may be one of the most disingenuous folks ever to serve in the government. The blatant lies, fabrications and misleading statements that come out of her mouth are rivaled only by her colleagues, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and Harry Reid.

After getting on her high horse against the CIA's use of enhanced interogation techniques, including waterboarding, it turns out the bitch was briefed not once, twice, but several times and possibly many, many times. Of course, admitting she is wrong is not an option. She just crafts a different story. Apparently, now she only knew that waterboarding was a "possible technique" and didn't know the CIA was using it at the time. The CIA documentation also refutes that.

I'm sure that when video comes out of Nancy Pelosi actually witnessing and clapping while a prisoner was being waterboarded, she'll craft another clever ruse which will be gobbled up by her gullible constituency.

"They told me that they were bathing him! I had no idea!"

The Democratic congress also claimed that these enhanced techniques yielded no useful information and suggested that charges be brought against the past administration.

Guess what, that turned out to be a lie too. And finally, sensing that their asses would be spanked if proceedings on this matter ever saw the light of day, they finally gave up. But not until Republicans pressed for more information such as Nancy's big fat lies about not knowing anything about it. And MoveOn.org is still pressing the issue. How stupid can those folks possibly be? Do they want their precious sacred cows to be exposed as liars?

Obama smartly buried this issue, saving his party a ton of embrassment.

It never ceases to amaze me that politicians expect 100% honesty from others, when they provide almost none themselves.


Perez Hilton: Aren't Your Two Minutes Up Yet?

Oh sure...this is the douchebag I want telling me that a woman cannot stand for conservative and christian values because she modeled women's lingerie and appeared semi-topless with her arms covering her breasts.

I forgot that conservatives don't have sex or can't express their sexuality in any way. That's reserved for sluts and the gays. My bad.

This jackass who, god knows why he's judging a women's beauty contest in the first place, has the audacity to know who's qualified to espouse and disseminate moral values? Are you kidding me?

Dude...you are a fucking train wreck of a human being.

Go back to what you do best...sucking cock and taking it up the ass. That's how you define yourself anyway, by your sexuality. How shallow is that? If that's the most important thing in your life, you need help.

Uh-oh...was that insensitive? Sorry...


Aussie and R-dizzle At Prom

I guess it was an eventuality that one of our daughters was eventually going to be prom bound.

Aussie has spent the last few weeks preparing for her first prom with her boyfriend, R-dizzle.

Last night, our oldest princess was off in her Cinderella gown to the prom. She looked awesome! In fact, way too awesome for my liking...damn, where did I put that shotgun...?

Needless to say, I had a very restless night of sleep and finally gave up at about 5am. I texted her to make sure she was still alive. The after porm sponsored by the school ended in the early morning.

So far, so good. She's off to Kennywood today to spend the day after getting a few hours of shuteye.

Here's the picture of the happy couple during their red carpet walk at the Grand March before the prom.

So, I guess we survived our first prom!

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