Woody says "Let My Friend, Roman Polanski, Go!!!"

Does anybody else find it incredulous that one of the most vocal supporters of keeping a self admitted 13 year old child rapist out of jail is Woody Allen?

Director Roman Polanski, after running from the United States 30+ years ago to avoid jail time is being held by the Swiss government for the charge. The US is currently trying to extradite him and charge him for the crime.

Of course, all the nutball Hollywood types on the left are arguing that he be released. They are making arguments absolving Mr. Polanski of his crime of rape. Disgusting and pathetic...

Well, according to Woody Allen's standards, adopting a child, fucking her, leaving your longtime girlfriend and marrying her adopted child is acceptable practice. How the fuck does this retard even have the balls to weigh in on this subject? He should be in jail too!

A 13 year old girl was raped by Roman Polanski, statutory or violent, makes no difference. Anyone who makes argument against his prosecution is a moron and part of what is wrong with America, where it's okay to be human debris as long as you are "really sorry" about it.

Mr. Polanski got her drunk, gave her half a qualude, performed oral and anal sex upon her as she cried for him to stop. He knew she was thirteen and then told her not to tell anybody about it. If I was her father, Roman Polanski would be a fucking pulpy bloodstain somewhere.

Hell, Mr. Polanski had no shortage of young women to sleep with in the 70's. There was no need other than a mental pathology for sleeping with a child.

It's high time Mr. Polanski was on the other end of the raping! It's also about time that we set the Hollywood left straight. Fucking lot of assholes, unfortunately that includes Martin Scorcese as well. That's the last of his movies I watch unless he recants his support of such a heinous individual.


With Friends Like This... :)

Good ones over on the Pilgrimage blog! Read up and see you guys in another week!
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Jimmy Carter = Janeane Garafolo

It's bad enough that Maureen Dowd of the NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN have called just about anyone opposing Obama's policies a racist. I guess you expect it from those folks since they gave up journalism for cheerleading quite awhile ago.

But, a former president??? Jimmy Carter has absolutely embarrassed himself by throwing his hat in the same ring. Not that it is terribly surprising given Carter's recent coziness to Fidel Castro and whoever is in charge of Palestine at the time.

How anybody can make an argument for racism based on opposition to liberal policy is amazing. The Democrats continue to dig their own graves as the hard working American people are getting tired of having their money taken away and being treated like shit when they voice their opinions to the government.

Moderate Democrats who sit and allow this nonsense to perpetuate have to realize how much this discussion hurts Obama. If Obama is unwilling to quell this nonsense, being reported 24/7 on lib news, he reveals an absolute lack of character or political resolve. The left wing of his party is usurping any credibility he may have once had.


Acorn Scandal: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT Still In The Dark!

The Acorn scandal is now over a week old and none of the above news outlets have mentioned the story nor can the story be found on their websites as of today. Do you know what this means?
Journalism is dead at these places.
The reason they continue to ignore the story is that it goes against their policy of supporting President Obama at all costs.
The videos which can be found on YouTube are absolutely damning. The organization is obviously a festering bed of corruption. These are the people that were getting a seat at Obama's table during his presidency. These are the folks that the administration wanted to send into our houses to collect sensitive information for the census.
They have received almost 50M in federal money (some from President Bush) to date and were slated to get over 8B in stimulus money.
If Attorney General Eric Holder fails to investigate this organization, he should be replaced with someone who will. The FBI should get involved, close their doors and review their documents to see just how far the corruption goes.
If the rank and file workers for ACORN were so quick to give advice on how to become tax cheats, lie on loan applications, smuggle 13-15 year old girls from foreign countries to be part of prostitution rings, etc...etc... with strangers walking in off the street that they don't even know, what kind of advice do they give for the folks in their own communities?
This isn't a case of a few bad apples. This is a poisoned tree. One that Obama has intimate connections to as one of their former lawyers.
These are the community organizers that he thinks are the future of this country?


Does This Remind You Of Anybody?

2009 Bluey's Hail Mary

The WashPA fantasy football draft was yesterday. So starts the defense of last year's title (15-1). Here is this year's squad for those interested.

QB: Tony Romo (DAL)

RBs: Matt Forte (CHI), Pierre Thomas (NO), Ray Rice (BAL), Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG), LeSean McCoy (PHI), Donald Brown (IND), Jonathan Stewart (CAR)

WRs: Greg Jennings (GB), Calvin Johnson (DET), Eddie Royal (DEN), Percy Harvin (MIN), Tory Holt (JAX)

TE: Dallas Clark (IND) DEF: San Diego Chargers K: Nate Kaeding


Canning Tomatoes

Tay and I canned 15+ quarts of tomatoes at her Dad's farm today. Despite the late season tomato blight, the plants have surprisingly yielded enough tomatoes to get 100+ quarts canned again this season (most done by her Dad and stepmum). I got the job as "mater squisher" as Daddy got the day off...well, is it really a day off when you're cutting hay instead of canning?
Look at these beauts. I can't wait to start making gravy out of these bad boys!

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