Bluey's Hail Mary 162, Grid Iron Gladiators 73.

The Hail Mary (11-1) won its' 11th straight game over Francois' 3rd place Gladiators this past weekend. In a preview of a potential 1st round playoff matchup, the Gladiators apparently decided not to show too much of its' hand in a fairly meaningless contest.

Up next: The Birdmen of Alcatraz


"Hello...This is Chives at the Disney Center"

I am a very mean man and a horrible father. According to my daughters anyway, after they fell victim to one of my latest pranks.

You see, we just got back from a Disney cruise. We got two staterooms. One for Tay and I and one for our four daughters. A Disney cruise for teens and pre-teens pretty much means they can stay up as late as they want enjoying their separate areas and activities.

Unfortunately, this means lots of sleeping in on mornings where we have excursions.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. For the past year or so that we had this cruise scheduled, the girls have been waiting anxiously for it to come. They crafted stories imagining what the cruise would be like and how wonderful it would be to be waited on hand and foot by some mythical person named "Chives", who would service their every need.

Needless to say the girls ordered room service the first hour on the ship.

So, after realizing that getting them all on the same page on our first day was such a hassle, I went to work on crafting a plan to get them hopping and on time to the multitude of events we planned.

About an hour before our first dinner at Triton's our girls received a phone call. It was a gentleman with a british/austrailian accent.

"Hello...yes, this is Chives at the Disney Center. I just wanted to remind you that you are scheduled for a 5:30 dinner at Tritons. The dress is more formal than the usually accustomed casual dining. Please be on time, so we can get everyone seated for an elegant dining experience!"

45 minutes later, 3 of the 4 girls are at the door ready to go and talking about some "guy named Chives at the Disney Center" who called them.

Well it turns out that Chives also made wakeup calls, reminder calls etc... for the rest of the trip. Sometimes he called himself Charles, sometimes Chaz but also Chives. The girls had an impeccable record for being on time whenever he called and they really looked forward to his calls. I told them that he had also been calling our room but that I had "told the jerk off and to stop bothering Tay and I with incessant calls". They were disappointed in me and you could tell that they were forming a real bond with Chives. All of the girls got to talk to him at least twice during the trip.

And even though they never listened to me, when Chives talked, Peteys listened.

Until the last night. When the girls were annoying us by prank calling our room. After the third time, they called and were immediately greeted by Chives.

"Chives at the Disney center, can I help you?"


Another call. "Chives at the Disney center, can I help you?"


Another call. "Chives at the Disney center, can I help you?"

"Um...yes, I'm trying to reach my parents but the call isn't going through"

"Is this Ms. Aussie?


"Well, it seems that your parents have asked me to put a block on the line. They were receiving prank calls. Is there anything I can help you with?

"Um...no...thank you"

About 5 seconds later the girls come storming in the room. I figured the jig was up and that they had figured out my clever ruse.

Aussie accuses me of putting a block on the phone line.

"What? No I didn't"

"Yes you did you liar. I spoke with Chives and he told me that you did!"

"Did he sound anything like this?.....Hello, this is Chives of the Disney center, can I help you?"

The girls jaws dropped.

"You're Chives?!!!!!"

"Yup. I have been the whole cruise!"

"We're going to kill you! You woke us up every morning and called us 5 times a day reminding us of things"

"Yeah, it's funny how you guys were on time to everything AFTER Chives was put on the job"

"I hate you, Dad" (in unison)

"Yeah...but I love you!"

Chives...one of my best creations ever.


NFL Rape: Bluey's Hail Mary 125, ProDonor 122.

NFL officials' refusal to award Steeler Troy Polamalu with a TD as time expired this week, cost ProDonor a stunning upset victory over the Hail Mary (10-1).
The Romo-led Mary was able to eek out a victory and remains in a first place tie with the Flashes (10-1). Next up are Francois' third place Grid Iron Gladiators (7-4).


Can Romo Take Hail Mary To The Promised Land?

After a broken pinkie sidelined Flavorfool QB Tony Romo for 4 weeks, Bluey's Hail Mary GM, AJ Duhe, made a bold move. He packaged super rookie RB Chris Johnson along with QBs Eli Manning and Matt Ryan in an effort to secure Romo's services for the final stretch of the season.

After 4 weeks of sitting on the bench watching incumbent QB Bret Favre amass a 9-1 record, we'll find out if Tony Romo can step in and help the Hail Mary win its' first WashPA chmpionship.

"After last year's 9-5 playoff miss, I didn't think we could afford to sit on our hands", said an optimistic Duhe. "It's going to take a hell of an effort to bring this trophy home and we feel that Romo gives us the best opportunity to do so". There has been no official word on whether Jessica Simpson will be allowed to attend Mary games.



Scrubs is my favorite TV sitcom, probably of all time. One of my favorite scenes in the show involves heartless Chief of Medicine, Bob Kelso, addressing the interns with poor Debbie the intern getting caught in the crossfire.
Of course, now I call all my girls Slagathor from time to time!
Enjoy! Thank Jesus for YouTube!


Hail Mary Win 9th In A Row!

Bluey's Hail Mary (8-1) 113, Birdmen of Alcatraz 32.

Bluey's Hail Mary (9-1) 129, Flavorfools 84.

The Hail Mary remain in a first place tie with the expansion Flashes (9-1), with seemingly a big playoff showdown in the cards, provided both teams survive the first round. The Hail Mary improve their lifetime WashPA FFL record to 18-6.


Congrats to the Democrats!

You've got your man elected and have a House and Senate majority. Now let's see what comes of it. So far, the democratic House and Senate has been a big disappointment, but now they'll have President Obama to work with.

What the Democrats do with this overwhelming power will speak volumes as to what the Democratic party is about. Obama made many, many promises.

I'm actually interested to see what the outcome will be. A little scared, mind you, but riveted nonetheless.

And, I would seriously recommend to anyone that voting by absentee ballot and being out of the country on a cruise during an election day is definitely the way to go!

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