Things I Never Thought I'd Ever Do

Being a New York City native, there are some things that I thought I'd never do or be able to do. Such as herding longhorn cattle on a quad.

My newest exploit is designing and building a chicken coop for my daughter, Kitty's chicken, who we call Churkey.

It's about 75% finished and I hope to complete it this week. I'll post a picture of my completed work soon. I'm hoping to win a blue ribbon in Modern Chicken Coop Design at the Washington County fair in 2008.

Tay tells me that there is no such thing. That's a real killjoy since I never won a blue ribbon in my life. I want one bad!


Is Democracy Even Achievable in Pakistan?

On the heels of the Bhutto murder, one has to wonder if democracy is possible or even something that should be pushed by the international community. With literacy at about a paltry 25% in the country and mullah run schools providing the majority of education, one wonders if a benevolent dictatorship such as the one Musharraf has employed, isn't the best choice.

With radical Islam running rampant in a nuclear country, a democracy could possibly put these weapons in the hands of an extremist. Pakistan really needs to step up and take back control of the education of it's young. While under any other circumstance, I would be against this idea, it is evident that the mullahs are raising a population of extremist nuts.

If it does prove out that Islamic fanatics like Al Qaeda are responsible for Bhutto's death, the US and the rest of the world would do well to support Pakistan's President Musharraf and call for the proper education of the future generation of Pakistan. As a nuclear nation, the world has to hold Pakistan responsible to who holds power in that country. A 25% literacy rate is abysmal in a country with the potential for such destruction. It's about time the world makes an effort to educate the masses.

Or the mullahs will continue to generate new generations of suicide bombers and nuts. For the time being, I wouldn't mind seeing the UN and Pakistan cleaning out the tribal areas of Pakistan as a start.


Trapped: Trailer

My buddies Gavo and Hamdog have released a few trailers for their upcoming movie, which will come out in spring/summer.
Here is a peek. Enjoy, and I encourage you to see it when it is released. I'll update when I have a date.


A Voice Of Reason During "Sparkle" Season!

I have been so fed up with the politically correct assholes taking Christ out of Christmas because they consider it offensive. These are the same retards that invented Pittsburgh's "Sparkle" season that tried to exploit the holiday for potential business opportunity, without giving any acknowledgement of Christianity whatsoever. I usually say "fuck them" to those offended by Christmas. I realize that isn't exactly a Christ-like way to feel about it but I could give a crap. Why does everyone put Judaism and Islam on a pedestal while Christianity seems to be the red headed step child? Well, I know the answer to that question, but that is for another day.

Why is our most sacred holiday whored out for the masses? Can't we make a gift whoring holiday out of Rosh Hashanah or Ramadan instead? No, God forbid we bastardize a Jewish or Islamic holiday.

I think Christians should finally put the silliness surrounding the holiday to rest. I read an article today that puts forth a nice idea for the holiday going forward. Please enjoy.

Let's stick it to the masses and as Christians "keep it real". Peace.


Calvin's Snowmen

Poppinfresh recently forwarded me this link to a panel of classic Calvin and Hobbes "Snowman" cartoon panels. Please enjoy with a nice cup of hot chocolate!


Gore To US and China:

"Solve Global Warming Or Else...

This quote was taken from a news story from last week. It cracked me up. Al Gore threatens the US and China! You just can't beat the cajones on Mr. "I won a Nobel peace prize on the backs of other people's research" Gore. What a jackass!

...I'll Take Away The Internet I Created!" (okay I made up the last part, but I'm still kinda wondering what the US and China's punishment will be if they fail to act on global warming)


If I Stick A Needle In My Ass...

So, I guess Roger Clemens was washed up in the late 90's after all. Then, he decided to start getting shot up with HGH and steroids to keep the 17M/year payroll gravy train rolling.

Not exactly a surprise to me. Clemens' career was in the toilet when he left the Bosox. It certainly explains his rebirth with the Jays/Astros and Yanks.

How about the Houston Astros, who have to be sick that they just parted with 5 prospects for Miguel Tejada about 2 days before he was outed as well.

People are already talking about how this affects the HOF voting. I think that all these guys should be kept out by the sportwriters and leave it up to their peers, the veteran's committee, to make these selections. Something tells me, that would be devastating to all these guys.

Sportswriters are such fucking saps. I could guarantee that after making a one year statement by leaving them off the ballot, they all will get into the HOF. But in this case, why not leave it up to the players?


Bluey's Hail Mary (9-5) Misses Playoffs!

The DyNasty helmet says it all. After the Hail Mary dispatched DyNasty 100-93 in Week 14, it played the waiting game to find out if the team was playoff bound.

The Warriors and Birdmen (both 10-4) won their final matchups to bounce the Marys. Brio was an 8yd reception by Marques Colston short of beating the Birdmen and sending the Hail Mary to the playoffs. Colston dropped two such passes in the last 3 minutes to seal our fate.

So, a 9-5 season and no playoffs. Unbelievable. I'm bitter.


Bluey's Hail Mary 151, ProDonor 111

AP-Highmark Field:

The Hail Mary (8-5, 3rd place -North) continued to make the case for their playoff push by defeating ProDonor (7-6, 2nd place -South). With only one game to go in the regular season, the Hail Mary trails both the Warriors (9-4) and the Birdmen (9-4) by one game.

The Hail Mary close the regular season against DyNasty (5-8). The Warriors play proDonor while the Birdmen visit Brio (9-4, 1st place -South). The Hail Mary holds the tiebreaker versus the Birdmen and would have to outscore the Warriors by 5 points to acheive the tiebreaker advantage.

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